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Maintaining Repositories

Once you’ve set up a series of repositories and grouped those repositories into Nexus groups, users will be able to see a list of repositories in the Nexus UI by clicking on the Repositories link in the lefthand navigation menu in the Maintenance section. This will bring up a list of repositories. This list will show you the status of the remote repository. To test this, edit one of your repositories to have a garbage remote storage location URL; you will then notice that the status of this repository will change on the Manage Repositories screen. Clicking on a repository will bring up a tree view that provides users with a way to navigate through the contents of a repository.

Right-clicking on a repository will bring up a series of actions that can be applied to a repository. The available actions for each repository are as follows (some are shown in Figure 16-21):

Repository options (right-click on a repository)

Figure 16-21. Repository options (right-click on a repository)

Clear Cache

Clears the cache for the repository. This causes Nexus to check the remote repository for new updates or snapshots. It also resets the Not Found Cache.


Causes Maven to re-index a repository. Nexus will recreate the index it uses to search for a request artifact. If the repository has been configured to download the remote index, this option will cause Nexus to download the remote index from the remote repository. Note ...

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