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MIME Type Tables

This section summarizes hundreds of MIME types in 10 tables. Each table lists the MIME media types within a particular primary type (image, text, etc.).

The information is gathered from many sources, including the IANA media type registry, the Apache mime.types file, and assorted Internet web pages. We spent several days refining the data, plugging holes, and including descriptive summaries from cross-references to make the data more useful.

This may well be the most detailed tabular listing of MIME types ever compiled. We hope you find it handy!


Table D-3 describes many of the application-specific MIME media types.

Table D-3. "Application" MIME types

MIME type



Contact and reference


Supports the Active Mail groupware system.

"Active Mail: A Framework for Integrated Groupware Applications" in Readings in Groupware and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Ronald M. Baecker, ed., Morgan Kaufmann, ISBN 1558602410


Supports the creation of multimedia content with the Andrew toolkit.


Multimedia Applications Development with the Andrew Toolkit, Nathaniel S. Borenstein, Prentice Hall, ASIN 0130366331


Permits MIME-based transmission of data with Apple/Macintosh-specific information, while allowing general access to nonspecific user data.

RFC 1740


ATOMICMAIL was an experimental research project at Bellcore, ...

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