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Read a book from start to finish—or skip around between clips and chapters. As you read, you’ll see recommendations for other material on the same topic so you can explore it in more detail.

Browse through topics like design, Python, change management, usability, analytics, and more. You can also search by title, author, publisher, and ISBN.

An iPhone with an iPad in the background, both showing Safari Queue.
“This is probably the best value for money I’ve ever spent for a technology education resource.” Delton Phillips, Senior Software Developer


Save books and videos for later with a simple tap.

As you’re browsing through the library, you can add books, chapters, or clips to your queue to save them for later.

The Safari service automatically syncs your place, so you can see everything in your queue and pick up where you left off on different devices.

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“I love me some Safari.” Kellan Damm, @kellandamm
An iPhone with an iPad in the background, both showing Safari Queue.

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No internet access? No problem.

Safari Queue lets you download your queued books and videos for offline access on your iPhone, iPad or Android Device.

Once downloaded to your device they’ll always be available, even when you're offline.

“Your new iOS queue app is cracking, both on iPhone and iPad.” Somerset Smith, @crispfan99

Personalized for You

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Get recommendations for new titles every time you sign in! Safari’s service provides a continuous stream of leading books and videos on your favorite topics. Each recommendation is based on topics you choose, what you find interesting, and what’s popular with other readers.

If you want to learn something new, just change your topics or add new ones to the list. You can dismiss any recommendations that aren’t helpful. Over time, we’ll show you better and better suggestions based on your reading habits and activity.

“Safari is awesome. I use it every day.” Mike Canaday, @pmcanaday

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