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Hard Drives: CompTIA A+ 220-901 Exam Prep

Master hard drive technologies for the 220-901 exam!

David Prowse

The CompTIA A+ Certification is the most well-known IT certification in the world. With over 1,000,000 people who have passed the exam, it is accepted by many companies as the gold standard regarding PC troubleshooting, Windows installation and configuration, mobile devices, and much more.

To receive the A+ certification attendees must pass the 220-901 and the 220-902 exams.This live training course led by David Prowse, best-selling CompTIA A+ author and expert, will cover the hard drives portion of the 220-901 exam. It is designed to explain key concepts from a hands-on perspective so that attendees can learn not only how to pass the exam, but also how to work with the technology in the real-world.

What you'll learn-and how you can apply it

  • Different hard drive types including magnetic, solid-state (SSD), SATA, USB, M.2, NVMe, and more.
  • Hard drive performance and heat dissipation.
  • How to assemble components based on customer requirements
  • How to configure hard drives in Windows.
  • Sample questions so you can review exam-taking tips and techniques.

This training course is for you because...

  • You are studying for and need to pass the A+ 220-901 exam
  • Your company or organization requires a CompTIA A+ certification
  • You desire to increase your computer awareness as it applies to tools, technologies, and configuration
  • You wish to bolster your resume with the addition of the highly-sought after A+ certification


There are no official prerequisites for this course. However, attendees are expected to have a basic knowledge of computers. CompTIA does not require any pre-requisites but they recommend 6 to 12 months hands-on experience in the lab or field.

Common Misunderstandings How CompTIA scores their exams. The number shown is not the percentage a person must get correct, in fact the percentage is higher than many people think. For example, for the A+ 220-901, the passing score of 675 is graded on a scale of 100-900. Mathematically, this is equal to answering approximately 72% correct on the exam.

About your instructor

  • David L. Prowse is an author, technologist, and technical trainer. He has written a dozen books for Pearson Education, including the well-received CompTIA A+ Exam Cram and CompTIA Security+ Cert Guide. He also develops video content, including the CompTIA A+ LiveLessons video course. Over the past two decades he has taught CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certification courses, both in the classroom and via the Internet. David has 20 years of experience in the IT field, and loves to share that experience with his readers, watchers, and students.

    He runs the website www.davidlprowse.com in support of his books and videos.


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing

Segment 1: Hard Drive Types and Technologies (90 minutes) - Introduction - Solid-state drives versus magnetic drives - SATA, USB, PCIe, and M.2 - Hard drive installation - GPT versus MBR and partitioning - Review quizzes

15 Minute Break

Segment 2: Hard Drive Configuration and Troubleshooting (75 minutes) - Configuring hard drives in the BIOS/UEFI - Configuring hard drives in Windows - Hard drive analysis - Troubleshooting hard drives - Review quizzes