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Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far)

Book Description

"The coolest--and easiest--book for new parents" --Parents magazine You could read 34 parenting books on sleep, eating, potty training, discipline, and brain development. Or you could read Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science. Tracy Cutchlow cuts to the chase, summarizing the best scientific research in bite-sized chunks. One tip per page + beautiful photographs = cool + easy. "The best I've seen in a long time." "My go-to source." "Fabulous." --Parent educators, childbirth-class teachers, early-learning advocates Combining the warmth of a best friend with her simple, clear style, Tracy addresses questions such as: * Should I talk to my pregnant belly / newborn? Is that going to feel weird? (Yes, and absolutely.) * How do I help baby sleep well? (Start with the 45-minute rule.) * How can I instill a love of learning in my child? (With specific types of praise and criticism.) * What boosts my child’s success in school? (It's not what you think.) * My kindergartner loves videos and cell-phone games. That’s cool, right? (If you play, too.) * What tamps down temper tantrums? (Naming emotions out loud.) * My sweet baby just hit a playmate / lied to me about un-potting the plant / talked back. Now what? (OK, this is a whole section of the book.) * How do I get through an entire day of this? (With help. Lots of help.) Zero to Five is here to help. Make it your guide to the crazy wonderful journey that is parenting.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Copyright
  3. Title Page
  4. Contents
  5. Prepare
    1. Peace and quiet, please (at first)
    2. Bolster your friendships
    3. Eating for two? Not exactly
    4. Exercise thirty minutes a day
    5. Sing or read to your belly
    6. Stress less
    7. Share the chores equally
    8. If you’re suffering, get help
    9. Expect conflict as a couple
    10. Know you can’t truly be prepared
    11. Envision baby all grown up
  6. Love
    1. Prepare to be amazed
    2. Create a feeling of safety
    3. Comfort newborn with the familiar
    4. Cuddle with baby
    5. Get in sync
    6. Smile, hug, encourage
    7. Include baby
  7. Talk
    1. Speak in a singsongy voice
    2. Talk to your baby a ton
    3. Read together
    4. Say, “You worked so hard!”
    5. Teach sign language
    6. Plan playdates in a second language
  8. Sleep, eat & potty
    1. Guard your sleep
    2. Guard baby’s sleep, too
    3. Help baby sleep better at night
    4. Give baby chances to self-soothe
    5. Crying it out, for a time, is fine
    6. Preserve preschoolers’ naps
    7. Make bedtime less crazy
    8. Be laid-back about breastfeeding
    9. “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”
    10. Let baby decide how much to eat
    11. Offer the opportunity to potty
  9. Play
    1. Let baby touch that
    2. Save the box
    3. Make music with baby
    4. When kids snatch toys, wait and see
    5. Play at self-control
    6. What makes a great playroom
    7. Make-believe
    8. Nurture creativity
    9. Ask “Why?” and “What if?”
  10. Connect
    1. Ask for help
    2. Choose empathy first
    3. Create more ups than downs
    4. Know your child
    5. Hold weekly family meetings
    6. Put down your phone
    7. (Almost) no TV before age 2
    8. A little TV after age 2
    9. Make screen time social
    10. Allow mistakes, discomfort, and boredom
  11. Discipline
    1. Be firm but warm
    2. Follow four rules about rules
    3. Emotion first. Problem second.
    4. Label intense emotions
    5. Teach instead of punish
    6. Consider the consequences
    7. Plan ahead to avoid trouble
    8. Rock your routines
    9. Call a calm-down, not a time-out
    10. Ask, “Can you think of a better way?”
  12. Move
    1. Rock, jiggle, and swing
    2. Keep moving
  13. Slow down
    1. Be still
    2. Don’t bother to compare
    3. Work part-time if you can (maybe less)
    4. Be more, do less