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Zentrepreneur: Get Out of the Way and Lead, Create a Culture of Innovation and Fearlessness

Book Description

What happens when you integrate the art of positive thinking and the freedom of spiritual well-being with the business of getting desirable results?
·      You tap the extraordinary power and mystery of the Zentrepreneur
·      You overcome resistance to change
·      You see opportunities instead of problems
·      You transcend fear-based motivation and the illusion of control
·      You inspire limitless creativity and leading-edge innovation
The world of business does not rest. The journey of innovation does not end. Competitive advantage is now all about who comes up with the solution first, often without the market even knowing there is a problem.
John J. Murphy combines profound spiritual wisdom and emotional intelligence with intellectual capital and thirty years of practical business experience to demonstrate a new level of leadership. Resistance to change is a challenge every leader must face. Here is a book on how to overcome it.
“Let John Murphy be your guide through the mine fields that accompany any change effort.” —Dr. Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager
“If you want a strong, positive ‘jump start’ to your professional and personal lives, then John Murphy’s books are must reads!” —Ed Robertson, Brig. General, USAF (Ret.)
John J. Murphy is an award-winning author, speaker, business consultant, and “zentrepreneur.” Drawing on a diverse collection of experiences as a corporate director, collegiate quarterback, spiritual mystic, and management coach, John has appeared on more than four hundred radio and television stations and his work has been featured in more than fifty newspapers nationwide. In 1988 he left corporate management to start his consulting company. He has now trained tens of thousands of people from dozens of countries. His clients include some of the world’s leading organizations. John lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.