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You've Been Framed

Book Description

Reframe "wealth management" to achieve sustainable success in financial services

You've Been Framed™ is a step-by-step guide for achieving ultimate profitability and sustainability for your financial advisory firm. Whether you're a savvy entrepreneur ready to dominate your competitors, or a more experienced advisor moving toward selling your practice, this guide will help you proactively reframe your business. You'll learn how to grow your pipeline of prospects, win the next generation of clients, and deepen your business so it can thrive without you—leaving you free to pursue what matters to you. Build your business on a holistic foundation of wealth management and assemble the team that will take you to the top as you develop a whole new perspective from which to offer your services. Transform your role from "directive advisor" to "trusted advocate." Completely shift the paradigm, and make yourself the de facto solution to your clients' wealth management issues.

Whether it's the firm with which you're affiliated or the types of products and services you offer, you've been "framed." As a wealth management advisor, your clients have little understanding of what you do or why you do it. Even your team may have the wrong idea. This book helps you clarify and demonstrate the value of your knowledge and skills, so you can frame your work on your own terms.

  • Build and showcase your enterprise value
  • Renew client relationships and attract new demographics
  • Become a leader with proven team-building tools
  • Shift your role from advisor to advocate

If you haven't effectively led discussions to co-create what your business stands for—and what differentiates it from competitors—you're losing talent, prospects, and business. You've Been Framed™ gives you the perspective you need to thrive in the new financial environment, and achieve sustainable success.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction
    1. Good versus Evil in the Financial Industry
    2. Who This Book Is for
    3. The Goods: What This Book Contains
    4. Joining Together to Create a Noble Profession
    5. How to Read This Book
    6. Conclusion
    7. Notes
  4. PART I: You Gotta Believe
    1. CHAPTER 1: You've Been Framed!
      1. What’s a Frame?
      2. The Five Levels of Framing
      3. Conclusion
      4. Notes
    2. CHAPTER 2: What the Best in the Business Don’t Want You to Know: The Five Wealth Management Reframes
      1. Reframe #1: I Provide My Clients with Comprehensive Wealth Management That Begins with Outcomes-Based Financial Planning
      2. Reframe #2: I Partner with My Clients
      3. Reframe #3: My Team Is the Best at Serving OUR Clients
      4. Reframe #4: My Clients and My Team Work Together to Define What Value Our Clients Need and What Value My Team Can Provide
      6. Conclusion
      7. Notes
    3. CHAPTER 3: Death of a Salesman/Saleswoman and Rise of the Wealth Advisor
      1. The Mis-Frame
      2. The Roots of the Industry
      3. Sales, No More
      4. Welcome to the World of Wealth Advising
      5. Conclusion
      6. Notes
    4. CHAPTER 4: The Big, Fat Lie
      1. We’ll Always Be There for You . . . Until We Aren’t
      2. The Next Generation of Advisors
      3. Conclusion
      4. Notes
    5. CHAPTER 5: Lone Ranger to Leader™
      1. Surrender Independence to Interdependence
      2. Team Defined
      3. Do You Have a Team or Do You Have a Work Group?
      4. Conclusion
      5. Note
  5. PART II: Five Steps to Reframing Your Business
    1. CHAPTER 6: Discovering Your Current Frame: The ClientWise Conversation™
      1. The ClientWise Conversation™
      2. The Meeting Setup
      3. Conclusion
      4. Notes
    2. CHAPTER 7: Defining Your New Frame by Discovering Your Value
      1. Question 1: What Is Your Noble Purpose?
      2. Question 2: Who’s Your Ideal Client?
      3. Question 3: What Are Your Clients’ Needs?
      4. Question 4: What Solutions Do You Provide?
      5. Question 5: What Other Trusted Advisors Work with Your Target Group?
      6. Question 6: What Team Would You Like to Build to Fulfill Your Noble Purpose?
      7. Capturing Your Value
      8. Conclusion
      9. Notes
    3. CHAPTER 8: Building Your New Frame
      1. Lone Ranger to Leader™
      2. Reframing Your Marketing Collateral
      3. Conclusion
      4. Notes
  6. PART III: Now What?
    1. CHAPTER 9: Teaching Others How to Frame You: Renewing Relationships
      1. Delivering the Frame, Delivering the Firm
      2. Transitioning Current Clients to the Team Frame
      3. Acquiring New Clients for Your New Frame
      4. Conclusion
      5. Notes
    2. CHAPTER 10: Sharing the Frame: It’s All About Advocacy
      1. What Is a Loyal Advocate?
      2. Building Client Advocates
      3. Building Professional Advocates
      4. Conclusion
      5. Notes
    3. Conclusion: Ten Signals of a Successful Reframe
      1. You Know Your Reframe Is Working If . . .
      2. Go to the ClientWise eXchange™
      3. Conclusion
  7. Additional Resources
  8. About the Author
  9. Index
  10. EULA