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You’re Addicted to You: Why It’s So Hard to Change—and What You Can Do About It

Book Description

Why are so many of our attempts to change unsuccessful? It's not a lack of willpower. The problem is that we try to adopt new, more positive behaviors without first breaking the hold that the old negative behaviors have on us. We can't simply turn these negative behaviors off; in fact, their hold is so strong that, as Blumenthal shows, they have become a part of us. In a very real sense, we're addicted to ou rselves. But self-addiction can be broken. In "You're Addicted to You," Blumenthal outlines his proven "Circles of Strength" approach, a three-stage strategy to help readers conquer damaging behaviors like anger, workaholism, risk aversion, negativity & any bad habit. He offers tools, techniques, and exercises for increasing our awareness of our self-addictions and controlling their impact on ourselves and others. He shows how to make personal and professional changes that actually last. Everyone knows what they want to change; Blumenthal show s readers exactly how to actually do it.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Praise for You’re Addicted to You
  5. Preface
    1. How should you use this book?
    2. What will you find in this book?
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction: Understanding Self-Addiction
    1. What does it mean to be addicted to yourself?
    2. What are some common self-addictions?
    3. Where do addictions come from?
    4. What do you have to gain?
    5. How are self-addictions broken?
    6. What if you face a clinical addiction?
  8. Part I: Raising Awareness
    1. Step 1: Identify Your Self-Addictions
      1. How can you discover your self-addictions?
      2. Levels of Awareness
    2. Step 2: Realize the Consequences
      1. How can you increase your motivation to change?
    3. Step 3: Make Powerful Commitments
      1. How do you make a commitment powerful?
      2. The Circle of Awareness
  9. Part II: Building Support
    1. Step 4: Find Help
      1. What do you need to consider in order to find help?
      2. Surrounding With Support
    2. Step 5: Invite Support
      1. How do you create effective support relationships?
    3. Step 6: Maintain Effective Support
      1. How can you keep your supporters supporting you?
      2. The Circle of Support
  10. Part III: Taking Action
    1. Step 7: Prepare Yourself
      1. How can you prepare for action?
      2. Surrounding With Action
    2. Step 8: Act In the Moment
      1. What can you do to improve in the moment?
      2. Impulses vs. Intentions
    3. Step 9: Assess Your Progress
      1. What should you do to assess your progress?
      2. Circle of Action
  11. Conclusion: Moving Onward
    1. What should you do next?
    2. Whom should you thank?
    3. Whom can you help?
    4. What’s next?
    5. A Final Note
  12. Recommended Reading
  13. Resources for Traditional Addictions
  14. Index
  15. About the Author
  16. About Berrett-Koehler Publishers
    1. A BK Life Book
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