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Your Writing Coach 2nd ed: From Concept to Character, from Pitch to Publication

Book Description

According to a recent survey 81% of adults harbour dreams of writing but of those only 2% have actually completed a manuscript. While you can buy any number of books on how to write novels, screenplays, short stories, articles, memoirs and poetry, few offer the comprehensive coaching approach of Your Writing Coach. Jurgen Wolff offers advice not only on managing time, but also motivation, energy and support. Drawing on a wide variety of disciplines and approaches, including NLP, it offers breakthrough techniques for finding the time, the will and the way to write. Featuring exercises, quotes and encouragement Jurgen Wolff shows you how to hook readers and keep them engaged and offers powerful tips on how to stay motivated and how to transform the inner critic into a constructive guide to get past the dreaded writer’s bloc. Finally, it offers updated advice on marketing yourself and your work, on ’getting started’ and on the tremendous opportunities offered by the new media - the internet, blogs, podcasts, logs and much more - for writers smart enough to find them.