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Working with the Enemy

Book Description

Working with the Enemy describes survival strategies for working with 15 very difficult personality types. It shows how to take control of an “enemy” situation and turn it around. The book clarifies what makes these “enemies” so difficult, and it shows how to deal with them and prevent future difficult situations.

This book looks in general at how to understand what we are doing “wrong” and gives advice on how to handle ourselves differently. The many case studies, tips, techniques and strategies will help readers respond to "enemy" co-workers in a thoughtful, strategic, and constructive way.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover page
  2. Dedication
  3. Title page
  4. Copyright
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Preface
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. Introduction
  9. Part 1. First things first: The Ten Essential Survival Strategies for Keeping Cool in the Heat of Battle
    1. 1. Essential Survival Strategy 1: Communicate Extra Calmly and Clearly
    2. 2. Essential Survival Strategy 2: Keep Things Real and in Perspective
    3. 3. Essential Survival Strategy 3: Don’t Feel Pressured into Acting too Soon
    4. 4. Essential Survival Strategy 4: Stop Feeling There are No Choices
    5. 5. Essential Survival Strategy 5: Don’t Let the ‘Enemy’ Dwell on your Mind
    6. 6. Essential Survival Strategy 6: Don’t Let the ‘Enemy’ Pull Your Strings
    7. 7. Essential Survival Strategy 7: Don’t Automatically Believe Other People
    8. 8. Essential Survival Strategy 8: Don’t Let the Past Block your Future
    9. 9. Essential Survival Strategy 9: Don’t Take it Personally – Take it ‘Behaviourally’ Instead
    10. 10. Essential Survival Strategy 10: Look After Yourself
  10. Part 2. The Fifteen Toughest Types of ‘Enemy’, with Survive and Thrive Strategies
    1. 11. Type 1: People Who Bully
    2. 12. Type 2: People Who Put their own Needs First
    3. 13. Type 3: People Who are Hard to Connect with
    4. 14. Type 4: People Who are Out of their Depth
    5. 15. Type 5: People Who Meddle
    6. 16. Type 6: People Who are Fickle
    7. 17. Type 7: People Who are Unlike Me
    8. 18. Type 8: People Who are Like Me
    9. 19. Type 9: People Who are Close to Me
    10. 20. Type 10: Me Myself
    11. 21. Type 11: Everybody Else
    12. 22. Type 12: People Who Regard Me as a Type, Not a Person
    13. 23. Type 13: People Who ‘Change’ Me
    14. 24. Type 14: People Who Bring out the Rescuer in Me
    15. 25. Type 15: People Who Bring out the Rebel in Me, the Worst in Me
  11. Part 3. Getting New Information for New Ways of Moving Forward
    1. 26. Top Tips for Information Gathering
    2. 27. Information Questionnaire
  12. Part 4. Get Planning to Transform your ‘Enemy’ Situation Calmly
    1. 28. Getting your Goal Plan Ready
    2. 29. Making your Goal Plan Happen and Getting What you Want
    3. 30. Thinking the Unthinkable
  13. Index