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Working PeopleSmart

Book Description

Targeted at managers, human resource professionals and those whose personal interactions determine their success, this manual offers six core strategies for maximizing interpersonal relationships.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Praise for Working PeopleSmart
  5. Preface
  6. Introduction
    1. What Is “Working People-Smart”?
    2. Six Strategies for Success
    3. Can I Work People-Smart?
  7. Strategy 1: Be Curious Rather than Furious
    1. Five Coaching Tips to Understand Other People Better
    2. Looking at Challenging People as Anxious People
    3. Breaking In a New Boss Q:
    4. When a Customer Is Furious
    5. When You Become the Boss of Former Colleagues
    6. Understanding Your Boss’s Priorities
    7. Responding to a Critical Co-worker
    8. When Someone’s Performance Is Slipping
    9. When an Unfamiliar Accent Interferes with Your Understanding
    10. When Someone Is a Mystery You’d Rather Not Solve
  8. Strategy 2: Include the Listener Rather than Talk at Him or Her
    1. The Ability to Be Understood
    2. Four Coaching Tips for Including the Listener
    3. Making Complicated Assignments Clear
    4. When the Clock Is Running
    5. When Someone Doesn’t Speak the Group Language
    6. When You Owe an Apology
    7. When You Don’t Believe They “Get It”
    8. When Your Boss Has No Time to Listen
    9. Announcing Unpopular Policies
    10. Making an Effective Presentation
    11. When People Tune You Out
  9. Strategy 3: Speak Up (with Tact) Rather than Suffer in Silence
    1. Stand Behind What You Say
    2. Focus on the Problem, Not the Person
    3. Assertiveness Begins Within
    4. Guidelines for Asserting Your Needs
    5. When Your Boss Asks Too Much
    6. Getting Co-workers to Pull Their Weight
    7. When You Lose Your Cool with Subordinates
    8. When a Colleague Makes Unwanted Overtures
    9. When the Boss Is a Bully
    10. Dealing with an Underachiever
    11. When a Co-worker Fails to Follow Through
    12. When the Boss Asks You to Do Something Unethical
    13. When Someone Tells Offensive Jokes
  10. Strategy 4: Invite Others to Be Your Mirror Rather than Your Blind Spot
    1. Four Ways to Encourage Feedback
    2. The Power of Positive Feedback
    3. When It’s Your Turn to Be the Mirror
    4. Coaxing Praise Out of a Stony Boss
    5. When a Team Is Short on Feedback
    6. When a Staff Member Needs Grooming
    7. Delivering Your Resignation
    8. Dealing with Gossip
    9. Opening a “Clam”
    10. When Your Boss Gives You a Verbal Warning
    11. Handling a Chronic Complainer
  11. Strategy 5: Be Open to Resistance Rather than Fight It
    1. People-Smart Persuasion
    2. Disarming Criticism
    3. Surfacing and Resolving Conflict
    4. Responding to a Customer’s Angry E-mail Message
    5. Asking for a Raise
    6. When Customers Don’t Return Calls
    7. When Your Boss Springs Surprise Assignments
    8. Encouraging a “Computer-Phobic” Direct Report
    9. Making a Pitch for More Resources
    10. Persuading Customers to Try a New Service
    11. When a Colleague Thwarts Your Needs
    12. When You’re Caught in the Middle
  12. Strategy 6: Think We, Not Me
    1. Ten Things Team Players Do
    2. Observe What’s Going On in the Team
    3. Encourage Creative Problem Solving
    4. Help Build a Climate of Dialogue
    5. Getting the Team Spirit
    6. When Team Members Lock Horns
    7. When People Don’t Participate Equally
    8. When Everybody Is on Overload
    9. Coping with Turnover
    10. Getting a Team to Think Out of the Box
    11. Collaborating with Other Departments
    12. When Your Staff Are in Conflict
  13. Now What?
    1. Making a Difference
    2. Twelve Experiments in Change
  14. Index
  15. About the Authors
  16. PeopleSmart Products and Services
    1. Programs
    2. Products
    3. Do You Work People-Smart?
  17. Berrett-Koehler Publishers