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Women Entrepreneurs

Book Description

Women Entrepreneurs offers a collection of almost two dozen cases that explore the process by which women become entrepreneurs, as well as the opportunities and challenges they face in growing their businesses.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. List of Illustrations
  6. 1 The World of Women Entrepreneurs
  7. PART I Launching the Venture
    1. 2 Jugaré: Educational Toys from Mexico
    2. 3 Victoria Kisyombe and SELFINA: Building a Leasing Business in Tanzania
    3. 4 Ocimum Biosolutions: Genomics Outsourcing in India
    4. 5 Nej: Organic Apparel from Turkey
    5. 6 Café Helena: Not Your Average Cup of Coffee
  8. PART II Growing the Business
    1. 7 Sibongile Sambo and SRS Aviation
    2. 8 Aldaci (Dadá) dos Santos' Recipe for Success: The Flavors of Building a Culinary Brand-Name in Brazil
    3. 9 Maita Barrenechea and Mai10: Building a Travel Business
    4. 10 Martha Debayle's bbmundo: Helping Parents and Their Children
    5. 11 Angela Chan's i-Vision: "Killing Me Softly"
  9. PART III Organizing and Leading
    1. 12 Azza Fahmy: Egyptian Jewelry
    2. 13 The Spirit behind Talavera de la Reyna: Angélica Moreno's Pottery
    3. 14 Maha al Ghunaim: Building an Investment Bank through the Crash
    4. 15 Alicia Escobosa's Catering: Sustaining a Business
  10. PART IV Doing Good while Doing Well
    1. 16 Annette Zamora's Naz y Rongo: A Scavenger Hunt in Search of the Culture of Rapa Nui
    2. 17 Shokay: Luxury with a Story, Style with a Touch of Humanity
    3. 18 Jessica Rodríguez's Art Atlas: Fair Fashion from Peru to the World
    4. 19 Pianporn Deetes: Social Entrepreneurship to Protect the Environment and Empower Citizens
  11. PART V Leveraging Resources across Borders
    1. 20 Chieko Aoki and Blue Tree Hotels: Blending Japanese Culture with Brazilian Warmth
    2. 21 Yasmina Zerroug: Arabian Beauty, from Algeria to Paris
    3. 22 Songok Ryu: Traditional Korean Clothing in China
    4. 23 Economic Development, Women Entrepreneurs, and the Future
  12. Contributors
  13. Index