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Wired and Dangerous

Book Description

In an era of economic stress, rapid change, and social networking, customers are distracted, disgruntled, and harder to please than ever. Picky, Fickle, Vocal, Wired, and Vain – they have very little tolerance for error and are ready to spread the word quickly over the internet when things go wrong. If a company’s customer service doesn’t adapt to these new conditions, they will get burned by bloggers and viral videos that can severely damage their reputation. This book describes exactly what today’s customers expect and how to give it to them. In Wired and Dangerous, Bell and Patterson provide a tested formula for restoring balance to the customer relationship by establishing what they call “Service Calm”. The three steps to Service Calm sound simple, but they draw on sophisticated psychological principles and are profound in application: 1) Deal with Self, 2) Deal with Customer, 3) Deal with Context.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents
  4. PART ONE: The Situation Welcome to Turbulent Times!
    1. Chapter 1 How the Service Covenant Became Corrupted
    2. Chapter 2 Picky: Why Today's Customers Are Finicky
    3. Chapter 3 Fickle: Why Today's Customers Are Capricious
    4. Chapter 4 Vocal: Why Today's Customers Are Noisy
    5. Chapter 5 Vain: Why Today's Customers Are Self-Centered
  5. PART TWO: The Resolution Manifesto: The Wired and Dangerous Link
    1. Chapter 6 How the Service Covenant Can Be Rebalanced
    2. Chapter 7 Grounding: How to Balance Yourself for Partnership
    3. Chapter 8 Connection: How to Help Customers Feel Like Partners
    4. Chapter 9 Bad Connections: How to Turn Angry Customers into Partners
    5. Chapter 10 Wireless Connections: How to Partner with Customers via the Internet
    6. Chapter 11 Congruence: How to Get the Service Setting in Balance
    7. Chapter 12 Acumen: How to Keep the Customer Relationship in Balance
  6. PART THREE: Suggestions for Partnering with Customers
    1. Flash Drive: Tools and Favorites
      1. Tools
        1. 1 For Calming Customer Crackpots, Bullies, and Militants
        2. 2 For Serving When Customer Pain Must Be Involved
        3. 3 For Giving Great Lateral Service
        4. 4 For Service Leadership in Turbulent Times
        5. 5 For Crafting a Really Cool Service Vision
        6. 6 For a Great Emotional Connection with Customers
        7. 7 For Conducting a Truly Focused Focus Group
        8. 8 For Serving as an Expert
        9. 9 For “Serving in the Dark” Like a Partner
        10. 10 For Firing a Customer
        11. 11 For Conducting Customer Forensics
        12. 12 For Determining If Your Service Process Is Unwell
        13. 13 For Adding Decoration to the Service Experience
        14. 14 For Designing a Survey Your Customers Will Actually Complete
      2. Favorites
        1. Best Books on Understanding the Wired and Dangerous Customer
        2. Best Websites for Understanding the Wired and Dangerous Customer
        3. Favorite Service Quotes
        4. Twenty Things Today’s Wired and Dangerous Customers Really Want
        5. Favorite Metaphor for Turning “Dangerous” Customers into Advocates
        6. A Poem on Customers as Partners
  7. Notes
  8. Bibliography
  9. Thanks
  10. Index
  11. About the Authors
  12. Footnote
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