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Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World's Greatest Military Victories

Book Description

FROM THE CREATORS OF SPIN SELLING TRIED-AND-TRUE STRATEGIES TO ARM YOU IN THE WAR FOR SALES SUPREMACY I distinctly remember my first VP talking about campaigns and targets.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World’s Greatest Military Victories
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Chapter Layout
  8. Part 1: The Sales Call
    1. Chapter 1: Battle of Magdala—British Abyssinian Campaign General Napier versus Emperor Tewodros II (1868)
      1. On Preparation
    2. Chapter 2: The Naked Duel Humphrey Howarth versus the Earl of Barrymore (1806)
      1. On the Importance of Planning
    3. Chapter 3: Battle of Trafalgar—Napoleonic Wars British Royal Navy versus the French and Spanish Fleets (1805)
      1. Opening the Call
    4. Chapter 4: Quintus Fabius Maximus versus Hannibal Second Punic War (218–201 BC)
      1. On Not Presenting Too Early: The SPIN Model
    5. Chapter 5: Mutiny on the Bounty Captain Bligh versus Master’s Mate Christian Fletcher and the Mutineers (1789)
      1. The Value Drivers: The Unrecognized Problem
    6. Chapter 6: Battle of the Crater—Siege of Petersburg U.S. Civil War (1864)
      1. The Value Drivers: The Unanticipated Solution
    7. Chapter 7: Battle of Clontarf Brian Boru versus the Vikings (1014)
      1. The Value Drivers: The Unseen Opportunity
    8. Chapter 8: Battle of New Orleans—War of 1812 Andrew Jackson versus the British (1815)
      1. The Value Drivers: The Broker of Capabilities
    9. Chapter 9: Battle of Isandlwana: Anglo-Zulu War British versus the Zulus (1879)
      1. On Prescription before Diagnosis
    10. Chapter 10: Gunfight (Near) the OK Corral Wyatt Earp et al. versus the Cowboys (1881)
      1. On Preventing Objections
    11. Chapter 11: Pickett’s Charge—Battle of Gettysburg U.S. Civil War (1863)
      1. On Throwing Good Resources after Bad
  9. Part 2: Account Strategy
    1. Chapter 12: Great Swamp Fight—King Philip’s War New England Colonies versus Narragansett Tribe (1675)
      1. Entry Strategy: On Using the Focus of Dissatisfaction
    2. Chapter 13: Battle of Aughrim—Williamite War William III versus the Jacobites (1691)
      1. Entry Strategy: On Gaining Access to the Focus of Power
    3. Chapter 14: Battle of Megiddo Thutmose III versus the Canaanites (ca. 1457 BC)
      1. The Buying Cycle: Implementation (On the Importance of Follow-up)
    4. Chapter 15: Charge of the Light Brigade—Crimean War British versus the Russians (1854)
      1. The Buying Cycle: Implementation 2 (On the Consequences of Failure to Align Internally)
    5. Chapter 16: Battle of Carrhae Romans versus the Parthians (53 BC)
      1. The Buying Cycle: Resolution of Concerns (The Parting Shot)
    6. Chapter 17: Defense of Little Round Top—Battle of Gettysburg U.S. Civil War (1863)
      1. On Handling the Motivation Dip
    7. Chapter 18: Battle of Crécy—Hundred Years War English versus the French (1346)
      1. On Vulnerability Analysis
    8. Chapter 19: Battle of the Ice Alexander Nevsky versus the Teutonic Knights (1242)
      1. Countering Vulnerability: Influencing Decision Criteria
    9. Chapter 20: Battle of Sudomer—Hussite Wars General Zisca versus Emperor Sigismund (1420)
      1. Countering Vulnerability: Increasing Strengths
    10. Chapter 21: Samurai Battle of Nagashino Katsuyori versus Ieyasu and Nobunaga (1575)
      1. Countering Vulnerability: Diminishing the Competition
    11. Chapter 22: Battle of Kircholm Winged Hussars versus the Swedish Army (1605)
      1. On Maximizing Differentiators
    12. Chapter 23: The Whiskey Rebellion Henry “Light-Horse Harry” Lee versus the Pennsylvania Farmers (1794)
      1. On Effective Negotiating Behaviors
  10. Part 3: Sales Management
    1. Chapter 24: David and Goliath Israelites versus the Philistines (1024 BC)
      1. CRM Sales Force Automation: On Choosing the Right Tools
    2. Chapter 25: Battle of Châlons—Hunnic Invasions of Gaul Romans versus Attila (451)
      1. The Feel-Good Funnel: On Using Time Wisely
    3. Chapter 26: The Siege of Hara Castle The Shimabara Rebellion (1638)
      1. The Silent Killers
    4. Chapter 27: Napoleon’s March on Moscow The Grand Army versus the Russians (1812)
      1. On the Importance of Good Forecasting
    5. Chapter 28: Pyrrhus of Epirus Campaign Against the Romans (280–279 BC)
      1. On the Pyrrhic Victory (or Not Buying Revenue)
    6. Chapter 29: Battle of Gravelines The British Royal Navy versus The Spanish Armada (1588)
      1. On Balancing Efficiency and Effectiveness
  11. Latin Quotes
  12. Index