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Win-Win Selling, 3rd Edition

Book Description

The Counselor approach to sales gives both buyer and seller a win. Relating, Discovering, Advocating and Supporting stages lead the way to measurable, sustainable success.

Table of Contents

  1. Win-Win Selling: Turning Customer Needs into Sales
  2. Foreword
  3. 1. Loving Your Job: the Counselor Mindset
    1. Performance with Fulfillment
    2. Help the Buyer Win – A Story of Evolution
      1. The Pre-Choice Era
      2. The Feature-Based Era
      3. The Needs-Based Era
      4. The Counselor Evolution
    3. How the Counselor Approach Works
      1. The Four Obstacles to Buying
      2. Relating: Dealing with No Trust
      3. Discovering: Dealing with No Need
      4. Advocating: Dealing with No Help
      5. Supporting: Dealing with No Satisfaction
      6. Counselor Selling in Action
    4. A True Win-Win Solution
  4. 2. Relating Skills: The Key to Overcoming Trust Resistance
    1. Time, Tension, and Trust
    2. Close the Credibility Gap
      1. Propriety
      2. Competence
      3. Commonality
      4. Intent
    3. Prove Your Good Intentions with the 3 Ps
    4. Build Empathy by Emulating Ben Duffy
    5. An Action Plan for Improving Relating Skills
  5. 3. Discovering the Discovery Process
    1. Discovering in the Counselor Selling Era
    2. Tweaking the Golden Rule
    3. Shining a Light on Unseen Needs
    4. Digging Into the Gap: The Discovery Agreement
    5. Discovery’s Vital Engine: The Art of Questioning
    6. Two Ears, One Mouth: The Value of Listening Well
    7. Don’t Overlook Purchase Influencers in Discovery
    8. Avoid These Discovery Faux Pas
    9. Why They Buy: Identifying Task and Personal Motives
    10. And Now, for the Weather Report...
  6. 4. Advocating, Presenting and Closing
    1. Section 1: The Basics of Advocating
      1. Balancing the Bicycle
      2. Avoiding Irrelevance
      3. The SAB Alternative
      4. The Dangers of Fast-Forwarding Through Discovery
    2. Section 2: The Art of the Sales Presentation
      1. Adapting Your Advocating Strategy to Role Players
      2. Winning the Day Before the Day
      3. Gathering Competitive Intelligence
      4. How “Word Laziness” Can Cost You Sales
      5. The Third-Party Story: The Ultimate Illustrator
      6. Ingredients of Good Third-Party Stories
    3. Section 3: Handling Objections and Closing
      1. Using the Assumptive Close
      2. Managing Your Fears About Closing
      3. The LSCPA Model: Understanding Objections to Death
      4. Handling the Complex Objection
      5. Appealing to the Buyer’s Task Agenda
      6. Appealing to the Personal Motives
  7. 5. Supporting Skills
    1. The “No Hurry” Phenomenon
    2. The Zone of Indifference
    3. Helping vs. Controlling: The Four Pillars of Support
      1. The First Pillar: Supporting the Buying Decision
      2. The Second Pillar: Managing the Implementation
      3. The Third Pillar: Proactively Handling Dissatisfaction
        1. Resolving Common Post-Sale Complaints
      4. The Fourth Pillar: Enhancing the Relationship
    4. Adding Value Through Expertise and Networking
  8. 6. Counselor Selling in Action
    1. Your Client is Just Comparing Prices
    2. Your Client Takes the Job Inside
      1. Now What?
    3. Your Non-Profit Rates Look Too Low
    4. You Run into Gatekeepers
      1. Extreme Measures
    5. Your Client’s Budget Suddenly Gets Cut
      1. When money is the issue
      2. Ask for the Sale
      3. Your Company May Be Bought Soon
      4. Possible Responses
    6. Your Client Buys Through a Purchasing Committee
      1. Going Around
      2. The Cattle Call
      3. Follow Up
    7. Your Client is Setting Up Preferred Providers
      1. Common Questions
    8. Your Client’s CEO Awards the Deal to a Friend
    9. You Sell in a Declining Industry
      1. Is Your Company Ready?
      2. Be Innovative
    10. You Sell for the First Time in a New Culture
  9. A. Resources
    1. If You’d Like to Learn More about Counselor Selling Skills
    2. If You’d Like to Learn More about Versatile Selling Skills
  10. B. Contributors
    1. About the Authors
    2. About the Project Development Team
  11. Index
  12. Copyright