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Web Comics for Teens

Book Description

Are you always doodling heroes and villains for your own comic adventures? Have you ever imagined creating your own comic book for others to read? With "Web Comics for Teens", you can! "Web Comics for Teens" introduces you to the skills, tools, and programs you need to create your own web comics, comics, and cartoons published on the World Wide Web. The book begins with an introduction to basic pencil and ink drawing techniques to help you hone your illustration skills. You'll learn how to create memorable characters that come to life and how to develop your own unique drawing style. From there you'll discover how to compose and lay out a comic strip and get tips to help you create a great story. Once you have the basics of the story down you'll learn how to incorporate popular comical themes to add wit and humor to your comic. When your story is complete the book will show you how to use Flash software to bring your web comic to life with awesome backgrounds, cool animation, and sound effects. And if you want to take your art to the next level, you'll get the tips and information you need to host and publish your web comic on the internet where you can share it with others. With "Web Comics for Teens", you could be the next web comic star!

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Author
  4. Introduction
  5. So You Want to Be a Comic Artist...
    1. What This Book Can Teach You
    2. Comics as a Work of Art
    3. Web Comics
    4. Imagination
    5. Devoting Time to Work
    6. Review
  6. Basic Drawing Techniques
    1. Psych Yourself Up
    2. Setting Up an Art Studio
    3. Sketching and Inking Techniques
    4. Tricks of Perspective
    5. Review
  7. Character Construction
    1. Creating Memorable Characters
    2. Making Your Character Come to Life
    3. Review
  8. Express Yourself
    1. Copying Other Artists’ Styles
    2. Developing Your Own Personal Look
    3. Facial Expressions and Body Language
    4. Posing Characters and Lines of Action
    5. Caricatures
    6. What About Schooling?
    7. Review
  9. Comics Layout and Language
    1. Comic Layout
    2. Comic-Strip Language
    3. Special Effects
    4. The Breakdown
    5. Refining Your Image
    6. Making a Comic from Start to End
    7. Storyboarding
    8. Review
  10. Heroic Story Writing
    1. Writing the Perfect Story
    2. Review
  11. Gag Writing
    1. What’s So Funny?
    2. Well-Used Comical Themes
    3. Be Unpredictable
    4. A Few Things to Watch Out For
    5. Creating Visual Humor
    6. Review
  12. Principles of Animation
    1. Early Cartoon Making
    2. How Did They Do That?
    3. How They Do It Today
    4. The Disney Principles
    5. Review
  13. Animation Basics in Flash 8
    1. Animating in Flash
    2. Symbols
    3. Animation Sequences
    4. Getting Started with Flash
    5. Making a Fluppet
    6. Review
  14. Building Scenes
    1. Creating Backgrounds
    2. Animating the Scene
    3. Adding Sound Effects
    4. Adding Titles
    5. Publishing
    6. Review
  15. Spinning a Web
    1. A Look at the World Wide Web
    2. Getting Connected
    3. Web Speak: Know the Lingo
    4. Getting a Domain Name
    5. Web Hosting
    6. Building Your Website
    7. Review
  16. Making Money with Your Comics
    1. Making Money with the Web
    2. Merchandising
    3. The Law
    4. Copyright
    5. Contracts and Financial Records
    6. Review
  17. Final Words
    1. Software
    2. Artist Resources
    3. Sound Resources
    4. Web Hosting and So Much More
    5. Comic Indexes and Hosting Sites
    6. Artists Spotlighted in This Book
    7. Review
  18. Appendix