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We Need to Talk: Tough Conversations With Your Boss

Book Description

Asking a boss about more responsibility, an inappropriate coworker, or for some extra help can be scary! Employees don't want to step on anyone's toes or cross any boundaries, but they need answers! Tackling readers' most pressing questions and offering advice on what to say and how to say it, this book is every stressed employee's dream come true. This step-by-step guide covers workplace dialogue dilemmas like leave requests, disability discussions, performance issues, and promotion requests. It features: practical and precise advice for specific problem topics; points of quick reference at a great price; and realistic scripts that help dictate what should and should not be said.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Chapter 1: How to Find Out about the Realities of Your Job
    1. Managing Up
    2. Why Bosses Don’t Spell It Out
    3. Asking: Specific Requests That Get Results
  7. Chapter 2: How to Challenge a Bad Performance Review
    1. The Ideal Performance Process
    2. What Is a Bad Review?
    3. Appealing to a Higher Authority
  8. Chapter 3: How to Ask for a Raise, Promotion, or Other Benefits
    1. What to Say and What Not to Say: More Money
    2. Making Your Case for Raises, Promotions, or Other Opportunities
    3. Negotiation Basics
    4. Finding Common Ground
    5. It Never Hurts to Ask
  9. Chapter 4: How to Complain about Harassment, Discrimination, Threats, Violence, or Unsafe Conditions
    1. Understanding Harassment
    2. Illegal Harassment and Discrimination: True Legal Violations
    3. Harassment or Discrimination under Your Organization’s Policies
    4. Other Workplace Legal Issues
    5. How to Handle Threats and Violence
    6. What to Say and What Not to Say
  10. Chapter 5: How to Complain about People or Work
    1. Complaints about Another Employee
    2. When to Complain to Your Boss
    3. How to Complain about Your Boss—to Your Boss
    4. Complaining about Work
  11. Chapter 6: How to Find Out What’s Really Going On
    1. Why You Should Care
    2. Office Politics and Social Skills
  12. Chapter 7: How to Find Out What Your Boss Really Thinks
    1. How to Graciously Ask the Tough Questions
    2. How to Find Out What’s Really in Your Boss’s Head
    3. What Your Boss Would Say if She Could
    4. How to Avoid Being Blindsided
    5. How to Tackle an Indecisive Boss
  13. Chapter 8: How to Ask for Maternity, Sick Leave, Disability Accommodation, or Other Time Off
    1. Know Your Rights
    2. Employer’s Duty
    3. Changes Coming to FMLA
    4. Your Organization’s Policies and Benefits
  14. Chapter 9: What to Say When You’re Fired or Laid Off, or During an Investigation or Disciplinary Action
    1. Know Your Rights
    2. Termination
    3. Layoffs
    4. Investigations
    5. General Rules about What to Say and Not to Say
    6. More about What to Say During Specific Situations
    7. When and How to Consult an Attorney
  15. Chapter 10: How to Tell Your Boss You’re Quitting
    1. Giving Your Boss Feedback
    2. When to Leave
    3. What if You Feel Bad about Leaving?
    4. What to Say and What Not to Say
    5. Negotiating Severance
  16. Chapter 11: How to Cope with Difficult Workplace Feelings
    1. Bouncing Back
    2. Getting Through the Tough Times at Work
    3. What to Expect if Things Get Legal
    4. What to Say and What Not to Say
  17. Conclusion
  18. Appendix A: Additional Resources
  19. Appendix B: Bibliography