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Virtual Leadership

Book Description

Will develop your virtual leadership approach and skills, transforming your experience of virtual work and the results that you obtain from your virtual teams.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for Virtual Leadership
  3. Title Page
  4. Contents
  5. About the author
  6. Foreword
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. Introduction
  9. 01    The ups and downs of virtual working
    1. Where virtual working works well
    2. Where virtual working doesn’t work
    3. Where virtual work shares challenges with face-to-face work
    4. Where virtual work has unique challenges
    5. Surveying the world of virtual work
    6. Summary
    7. Questions for reflection
    8. References
  10. 02    Virtual leadership, mindset and approach
    1. Leadership has changed
    2. Virtual leadership
    3. Starting with self: your values and your motivations
    4. Your mindset and attitudes
    5. Who am I?
    6. How can I change and develop myself?
    7. What is my virtual identity?
    8. Your environment for virtual leadership
    9. Summary
    10. Questions for reflection
    11. References and further reading
  11. 03    Working virtually with others
    1. Knowing others
    2. Trust in virtual teams
    3. Virtual team complexity
    4. Taking virtual teams to high performance
    5. Conflict
    6. Practical team tools and strategies for virtual teams
    7. Being a virtual leader within the team
    8. Closing your virtual team
    9. Getting to grips with working with others remotely
    10. Summary
    11. Questions for reflection
    12. References and further reading
  12. 04    Technology for virtual work
    1. Technology is only an enabler
    2. People need to be able to use the technology
    3. Types of technology
    4. Considerations for choosing virtual technologies: what works when
    5. Technology: barriers to virtual work
    6. Technology: working with the human brain
    7. Going beyond what is possible in the face-to-face world
    8. Summary
    9. Questions for reflection
    10. References and further reading
  13. 05    Leading virtual meetings
    1. Why leading meetings matters
    2. Considerations for virtual meetings
    3. Detailed preparation for virtual meetings
    4. Planning the processes to use
    5. During your virtual meeting
    6. Keeping people engaged – the key challenge
    7. Closing virtual meetings
    8. What if you are not the official leader of the meeting?
    9. When your meeting is a mixture of virtual and face-to-face
    10. Summary
    11. Questions for reflection
    12. References and further reading
  14. 06    Virtual working in between meetings
    1. Introduction
    2. Reviewing aspects of virtual work outside of meetings
    3. Productivity and effectiveness
    4. Delivery
    5. Performance
    6. Summary
    7. Questions for reflection
    8. References and further reading
  15. 07    Virtual working complications: time zones, language, culture and generation
    1. Wide time zones
    2. Language issues
    3. Culture
    4. Generation
    5. Summary
    6. Questions for reflection
    7. References and further reading
  16. 08    Potential pitfalls and how to overcome them
    1. Issues that affect virtual leaders and team members
    2. Issues related to live meetings
    3. Issues with virtual work outside of meetings
    4. Issues related to virtual working culture
    5. Questions for reflection
  17. 09    Inspiration for your virtual leadership
    1. Top 10 tips for virtual leaders
    2. Evi’s story: a Greek millennial tapping into global opportunities
    3. Ganesh’s story: working from India, delivering value in the UK
    4. Tricia’s story: delivering results rapidly with a star, virtual team
    5. Steve’s story: leading consultancy across three continents
    6. Elizabeth’s story: juggling multiple, virtual projects from home
    7. Brian’s story: building a virtual, global community
    8. Questions for reflection
    9. Further reading
  18. Index
  19. Copyright