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Valuable Content Marketing, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Market a business by creating and sharing valuable content which gets the message across in the right way to attract more clients and customers.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for Valuable Content Marketing
  3. Dedication
  4. Title Page
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword by Doug Kessler
  7. About the authors
  8. Introduction
    1. Diagnostic
  9. PART ONE    Why valuable content?
    1. 01    Buying has changed. Has your marketing caught up?
      1. The business development challenge
      2. Who is winning with their marketing?
      3. So what are these companies doing right?
      4. The three factors transforming buyer behaviour
      5. Take action
    2. 02    What is valuable content and why does it win you business?
      1. Content versus valuable content
      2. Hang on a minute. Is this form of marketing new?
      3. Eight reasons to love valuable content marketing
      4. Take action
    3. 03    Guiding principles for your valuable content
      1. Eight guiding principles for valuable content marketing
      2. Take action
  10. PART TWO    What valuable content?
    1. 04    Blogging
      1. Some blogging back to basics
      2. How to create a successful business blog
      3. How to write a valuable blog article
      4. Making your blog look good and read well
      5. Promoting your blog articles
      6. Blog content can be visual
      7. Blogging Q&A
      8. Take action
    2. 05    Social media
      1. Social networks: the main arenas for businesses
      2. Which social platform is best for sharing content?
      3. Valuable content guidelines for all social networks
      4. The future of social networks
      5. Take action
    3. 06    Email newsletters
      1. The importance of keeping in contact
      2. Email newsletters, the valuable way
      3. Email marketing tools – you have options
      4. Build a community
      5. What should your newsletter say?
      6. Autoresponders – a valuable addition to your email strategy
      7. Launching your newsletter
      8. Take action
    4. 07    Search engine optimization
      1. Why it’s smart to get search engine savvy
      2. How people use search engines
      3. Use keyword research
      4. What search engines want from you
      5. Design your website for search
      6. Getting the right help with SEO
      7. What’s new for search engines?
      8. Take action
    5. 08    Deeper written content, e-books, white papers, SlideShares and published books
      1. Stock and flow: the value of going deeper
      2. The most valuable content of all takes work
      3. Your deeper written content options
      4. What to write about in your key content pieces
      5. Deeper content demands great design
      6. The importance of a strong landing page
      7. Should you make people fill out a form to download your content?
      8. Repurposing and the value of integrated content campaigns
      9. Take action
    6. 09    Video, audio, infographics and more
      1. Different formats to connect with more people
      2. The rise, rise and rise of video content
      3. Awesome animations
      4. Wonderful webinars
      5. The power of infographics
      6. Podcasts for business
      7. Online games as sales tools
      8. Mobile apps
      9. Mix it up
      10. Take action
    7. 10    Widen your reach: PR, guest blogging, events and paid advertising
      1. The value of getting your content published in industry-leading media
      2. Valuable content wins you PR opportunities
      3. The etiquette of guest blogging
      4. Events as content marketing
      5. Paid advertising options
      6. Take action
  11. PART THREE    How to supercharge your business with valuable content
    1. 11    Pulling together a valuable content strategy
      1. Creating and documenting your valuable content strategy
      2. Step 1: Get clear on your goals
      3. Step 2: Know your business
      4. Step 3: Know your customers
      5. Step 4: Find the story behind the content
      6. Step 5: Nailing your valuable content sweet spot and vision
      7. Step 6: Your content commitment and plan
      8. Step 7: Prepare your platform and pick your tools
      9. Step 8: Organizing to make it work
      10. Step 9: Measuring for success
      11. Step 10: Work out where you are now and plan the change
      12. Content strategy on a page
      13. Take action
    2. 12    Making your website valuable
      1. Build your content strategy on firm foundations
      2. Evaluation time: is your website up to the job?
      3. The role of a valuable business website
      4. The 80:20 rule of content
      5. Provide content for every step along the path to a sale
      6. Traditional website versus valuable website
      7. Working with your website design and development team
      8. Two important web design features
      9. Marketing automation and the future of websites
      10. Instructions for your web team
      11. Ideas for key sections of your site
      12. Launching your new website to the world
      13. Take action
    3. 13    How to write valuable content
      1. Can anyone learn to write valuable content?
      2. Planning makes perfect
      3. Some basic writing rules to improve everything you write
      4. The right tone of voice for your business
      5. Help with headline writing
      6. Become a confident content writer
      7. And finally: how to stop procrastinating and just do it!
      8. Take action
    4. 14    How to sell with valuable content
      1. Outbound selling isn’t dead in the era of inbound marketing
      2. Valuable content, not sales brochures
      3. How to use valuable content to start sales conversations
      4. Valuable content and the power of good sales follow-up
      5. How should you follow up content downloads?
      6. Getting marketing and sales working together on content
      7. Action for sales people
    5. 15    Winning the challenge of constant content generation 247
      1. The valuable content production process
      2. What do you write about every month?
      3. Getting your content read
      4. Hold regular content planning meetings
      5. Planning and using a content calendar
      6. Building team spirit: a culture of valuable content
      7. And continue
      8. Take action
    6. 16    Troubleshooting Q&A: answers to the big content questions
      1. Question 1: How do I find the time to write great content?
      2. Question 2: How can I squeeze every drop of value out of my content and my team?
      3. Question 3: How do I get over my fear of writing?
      4. Question 4: How do you keep it interesting over time?
      5. A final note: happy people create the best content
      6. Take action
    7. Conclusion and your new manifesto for marketing people love
  12. Valuable resources
    1. 1. Get to know your customers questionnaire
    2. 2. Example measurement report
    3. 3. Content planning questions
    4. 4. Checklist for your website content
    5. 5. Questions to help you write a good case study
    6. 6. Checklist: Is this content valuable?
    7. 7. Recommended reading
  13. Acknowledgements
  14. Notes and references
  15. Index
  16. Copyright