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Unlocking Happiness at Work

Book Description

Takes a fascinating look into happiness; the science and research behind it, the practical methods for making it a priority in the workplace and the very real ways in which it translates into higher performance.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for Unlocking Happiness at Work
  3. Title Page
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Introduction
    1. The scariest, best moments and how they change us permanently
    2. What I want from you and for you
  7. 01    The happiness/brain science connection
    1. Neural pathways and behaviour
    2. The history of neuroplasticity
    3. Battling the bad habits
    4. The ever−adapting memory
    5. How our brains fire and wire
    6. The motivated brain
    7. Delivering meaning
    8. How simple can it be?
    9. Encourage friendships
    10. Activities
    11. Recommended reading
  8. 02    The history of happiness
    1. Rising from the ashes
    2. Socrates
    3. Helen Keller
    4. Nelson Mandela
    5. William James
    6. Returning to the Towers after 9/11
    7. The morning nurse or the night nurse?
    8. The happiness shift
    9. The happiness saturation
    10. Activities
    11. Recommended reading
  9. 03    The power of habit
    1. Our lazy brains
    2. The myth of the 21-day habit
    3. Quick wins
    4. Physical and psychological fitness
    5. When habits go bad
    6. The attitude of gratitude
    7. Building habits for life
    8. Activities
    9. Recommended reading
  10. 04    Emotional intelligence and leadership
    1. What is emotional intelligence?
    2. The early adopters
    3. Looking upstream
    4. The return on investment of high emotional intelligence
    5. The competitive advantage
    6. Case study: The value of acceptance – Coreworx
    7. Happiness and money: The awkward conversation
    8. Outcomes of higher emotional intelligence
    9. Survival of the authentic
    10. Activities
    11. Recommended reading
  11. 05    Conscious capitalism
    1. What is conscious capitalism?
    2. Case study: The beauty of ethical shopping – The Body Shop
    3. Do customers really care?
    4. The firms of endearment
    5. The talent attraction and retention benefit
    6. How can we shift from old patterns to new patterns?
    7. Case study: The misfits – Misfit Inc.
    8. The story of Whole Foods
    9. Embarking on the conscious capitalist journey
    10. Where to start?
    11. Activities
    12. Recommended reading
  12. 06    The happiness disruptors
    1. The technology explosion
    2. The pitfalls of professional development
    3. We’re missing the budget
    4. How learning equals loyalty
    5. Feeling cool towards the hot desk
    6. Activities
    7. Recommended reading
  13. 07    Engaging the whole person
    1. How work makes us feel alive… and keeps us alive too
    2. The whole person
    3. The introduction of work/life balance
    4. The power of purpose
    5. Case study: Zappos
    6. Case study: Virgin
    7. Case study: REI
    8. Building a flexible culture
    9. Millennials
    10. To wrap up
    11. Activities
    12. Recommended reading
  14. 08    A happier approach to change
    1. Change is hard
    2. Ignoring change won’t make it go away
    3. Is happiness too hard?
    4. Who are these leaders?
    5. The little things are actually the big things
    6. Why authenticity matters
    7. Why do we react negatively to change?
    8. Brain management vs. change management
    9. How can happiness help navigate change more effectively?
    10. Activities
    11. Recommended reading
  15. 09    Want to be a global company? Be a global citizen
    1. Dimensions of global brands
    2. Case study: TOMS Shoes
    3. The pursuit of purpose vs. the pursuit of profit
    4. Purpose or perks?
    5. Laurent and lululemon
    6. Activities
    7. Recommended reading
  16. 10    The future of happiness
    1. Humanizing the super-computer
    2. When robots learn emotional intelligence
    3. How will this change the workforce?
    4. The future of ageing happily
    5. The rise of mindfulness
    6. Frankenstein, or just great science?
  17. Conclusion
  18. Acknowledgements
  19. References
  20. Index
  21. Copyright