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Unified Communications Forensics

Book Description

Unified Communications Forensics: Anatomy of Common UC Attacks is the first book to explain the issues and vulnerabilities and demonstrate the attacks, forensic artifacts, and countermeasures required to establish a secure (UC) environment.

This book is written by leading UC experts Nicholas Grant and Joseph W. Shaw II and provides material never before found on the market, including:

• analysis of forensic artifacts in common UC attacks

• an in-depth look at established UC technologies and attack exploits

• hands-on understanding of UC attack vectors and associated countermeasures

• companion website giving readers access to the most up-to-date information on UC attacks.

• Provides key information for hackers and pen testers on the most current Unified Communications implementations.

• The only book to explore and demonstrate how to work with digital artifacts from attacks within the UC environment.

• Deals with UC security from multiple angles—less about theory and more about hands-on threat defense and forensics.