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The least understood feature of cloud computing, Platform as a Service (PaaS), is also the most powerful and cost effective. This concise overview shows you why organizations that properly wield PaaS can quickly gain a strong competitive advantage. You’ll learn how PaaS enables developers to pursue low cost R&D projects, lets system administrators focus on systems rather than servers, and helps architects evaluate new technology quickly and directly. This book offers valuable advice for technically and not-so-technically minded people who want to understand how PaaS can change the way organizations do computing.

Table of Contents

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  2. Preface
    1. Conventions Used in This Book
    2. Using Code Examples
    3. Safari® Books Online
    4. How to Contact Us
  3. 1. What Is Cloud Computing?
    1. Software as a Service (SaaS)
    2. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
      1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    3. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  4. 2. Why PaaS?
    1. Developers
    2. System Engineers/Administrators
    3. Architects/Management
    4. Common Features
    5. How Much Does It Cost?
    6. Maintenance
  5. 3. What to Expect
    1. Notes about On-Premises PaaS
    2. Finding the Right Provider
    3. Development Workflow
    4. Automated Testing
  6. 4. Examples
    1. Create Sample Application
    2. More Advanced Example (Drupal)
    3. Example Summary
  7. 5. Architecture
    1. Computing Units
    2. Scale
    3. Assume Failure
    4. Data
    5. Is It Secure? Am I Secure?
  8. 6. Summary
  9. About the Author
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  11. Copyright