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Uncommon Leadership

Book Description

What is common to good leadership is often uncommon practice. To be able to think differently, leaders need uncommon insights that encourage them to make new connections and build sustainable competitive advantage. In unpredictable circumstances and when resources are constrained, leaders are expected to show the way forward, by thinking differently and coming up with new strategies. Uncommon Leadership will stimulate fresh strategic thinking and act as a springboard for better leadership in organizations. The authors captures ideas specifically designed to motivate executives to think differently about business, exploring the uncommon insights which will make a significant difference to your leadership. The book is supported by a companion website providing updates, tools and resources to help you do the common things uncommonly well.

Table of Contents

  1. List of figures
  2. Foreword
  3. Preface
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Introduction: The uncommon sense of leadership
  6. The only explanation is leadership
  7. Time for a fresh look at leadership?
  8. The 5-S leadership framework
  9. Inside Uncommon Leadership
  10. Balancing optimism and realism
  11. Bibliography
  12. 01   Leading with vision: Seeing the sense before it becomes common
  13. Seeing the sense before it becomes common
  14. Sense-making
  15. Vision: a different view of the future
  16. Finding the sense before it becomes common
  17. Bibliography
  18. 02   Leading with action: Shaping the organization by turning sense into common sense
  19. Umbrellas and the secret to success
  20. From sense-making to sense-giving
  21. Shaping context
  22. Culture eats strategy for breakfast
  23. Shaping strategy
  24. Getting into shape
  25. Bibliography
  26. 03   Leading with purpose: Showing the way by doing the common things uncommonly well
  27. Service, sandwiches and simple messages
  28. The quickest route to bankruptcy?
  29. Memorable businesses and memorable performances
  30. Walking the talk
  31. Mirror leadership
  32. The stonecutter revisited
  33. Crafting a calling
  34. Uncommon sense in practice
  35. Bibliography
  36. 04   Leading with service: Serving colleagues and customers through common touch leadership
  37. The poor aren’t creditworthy
  38. Upside-down leadership
  39. Upside-down thinking: what’s the meaning of business?
  40. A simple thank-you
  41. Talking with crowds, walking with kings
  42. Bibliography
  43. 05   Leading with people: Sharing leadership by making it more common
  44. The case for shared leadership
  45. Sharing vision
  46. Sharing enthusiasm
  47. Sharing strengths – incompetence, mediocrity and excellence
  48. Sharing influence
  49. Building human towers – a motto for shared leadership
  50. Bibliography
  51. 06   Conclusion: Building competitive advantage through uncommon leadership roles
  52. Building uncommon competitive advantage
  53. The 5-S leadership framework and uncommon leadership roles
  54. Seeing – leading with vision requires pathfinders
  55. Shaping – leading with action requires game-changers
  56. Showing – leading with purpose requires rain-makers
  57. Serving – leading with service requires bridge-builders
  58. Sharing – leading with others requires play-makers
  59. An uncommon advantage – saliency, sagacity and serendipity
  60. Bibliography
  61. Index