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Ultimate Psychometric Tests, 3rd Edition

Book Description

Ultimate Psychometric Tests, Third edition is the biggest psychometric testing book of its kind and includes over 1000 practice questions along with an overview of which companies employ which tests.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover page
  2. Title page
  3. Imprint
  4. Table of contents
  5. Preface
  6. 1 Psychometric tests: what are they?
    1. Why employers use tests
    2. Seven big players in the testing industry
    3. What to expect on the day
  7. 2 How to pass psychometric tests and how to use this book
    1. The value of practice
    2. Get test wise
    3. How much and what kind of practice
    4. Undertake two sorts of practice
    5. Set yourself a personal challenge
    6. The winning mindset
    7. What to do if you fail
  8. 3 Verbal reasoning
    1. Word link
    2. Word link – synonyms
    3. Word link – opposites
    4. Find the new word
    5. Word swap
    6. Sentence sequencing
    7. Best word(s) to complete a sentence
    8. English usage
    9. Identify the correct sentence or word(s)
    10. Read a passage and evaluate a statement
  9. 4 Numerical reasoning
    1. The key operations
    2. Sequencing
    3. Number problems
  10. 5 Personality questionnaires
    1. Your approach to decision making
    2. Communicating with others
    3. Your approach to planning
    4. Managing people and resources
    5. Motivating yourself
    6. Features of your ideal role
    7. Your attitude towards risk
    8. Appropriate responses in work
    9. Situational awareness
  11. 6 Non-verbal reasoning, mechanical comprehension and data interpretation
    1. Non-verbal reasoning
    2. Features in common
    3. Find the shape that completes the series
    4. Completing the series in columns and rows
    5. Mechanical comprehension
    6. Data interpretation
    7. Spatial recognition and visual estimation
    8. Input-type diagrammatic tests
  12. 7 Answers and explanations
    1. Chapter 3 Verbal reasoning
    2. Chapter 4 Numerical reasoning
    3. Chapter 5 Personality questionnaires
    4. Chapter 6 Non-verbal reasoning, mechanical comprehension and data interpretation