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Ultimate Interview, 4th Edition

Book Description

Ultimate Interview offers advice on what interviewers are looking for, how to prepare yourself, researching the background to a vacancy and giving the right answers to the hardest questions.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. 1  Know your enemy
    1. Understanding interviewers
    2. What do they want?
    3. What sort of things are they looking for?
    4. What will happen at the interview?
    5. What sort of questions will they ask?
    6. How do they know what they’re looking for?
  6. 2  Prepare yourself
    1. What you need to know before the interview
    2. What should you prepare?
    3. Exhibit 1: Evidence that you meet their needs
    4. Exhibit 2: Reassuring answers and explanations
    5. Exhibit 3: Industry knowledge
    6. Exhibit 4: The reasons you want this job
  7. 3  Standing out
    1. How to be an outstanding candidate
    2. Why are these qualities so important?
  8. 4  Answering questions
    1. What the interviewer will ask and what you need to tell them
    2. Make a good impression
    3. Three cardinal rules
  9. 5  Starting the interview
    1. What to expect from the interview and how to begin confidently
  10. 6  Questions they ask everybody
    1. Standard questions you should prepare for
  11. 7  Questions for practical jobs
    1. Core question, ‘Are you reliable’?
    2. Professional knowledge
  12. 8  Questions for creative jobs
    1. Core question, ‘Will you deliver?’
    2. Professional knowledge
  13. 9  Questions for clerical and administrative jobs
    1. Core question, ‘Are you efficient?’
    2. Professional knowledge
  14. 10  Questions for sales and marketing jobs
    1. Core question, ‘Can you sell?’
    2. Professional knowledge
  15. 11  Questions for technical jobs
    1. Core question, ‘Can you do the job?’
    2. Professional knowledge
  16. 12  Questions for management jobs
    1. Core question, ‘Will you get results?’
    2. Professional knowledge
  17. 13  Questions for customer relations jobs
    1. Core question, ‘Are you customer focused?’
    2. Professional knowledge
  18. 14  Questions for school and college leavers
    1. What to do if you don’t have experience
    2. Transferable skills
    3. Professional knowledge
  19. 15  Tackling the difficult questions
    1. Handling questions about perceived areas of weakness
    2. Inappropriate and illegal questions
  20. 16  Dealing with tricky questions
    1. What to say when there’s no clear answer
    2. Dealing with critical or negative questions
    3. Questions about salary
    4. Answering closed questions
  21. 17  Answering off-the-wall questions
    1. What is the interviewer really asking?
    2. Questions asking you to work something out
    3. ‘Psychological’ questions
  22. 18  Your questions for the interviewer
    1. What to ask at the end of the interview
  23. 19  Variations on the theme
    1. Different types of interview and how to deal with them confidently
    2. Screening interviews
    3. Telephone interviews
    4. Video interviews
    5. Panel interviews
    6. Serial interviews
    7. Assessment centres
    8. Informal interviews
    9. Second interviews
  24. 20  Interview extras
    1. Tasks and tests they might include and how to approach them
    2. Making a presentation
    3. Showing your portfolio
    4. Technical and attainment tests
    5. Physical tests
    6. Job-replica exercises
    7. Group exercises
    8. Psychometric tests
    9. Future trends
  25. 21  Looking the part
    1. Making a good impression from the start
    2. Appearance
    3. Behaviour
    4. Overcoming nerves
  26. 22  What happens next?
    1. What to do after the interview
    2. While you’re waiting for their decision
    3. If they don’t make you an offer
    4. If they do make you an offer
  27. Index to the questions
  28. Index
  29. Copyright