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Ultimate Aptitude Tests, 3rd Edition

Book Description

The third edition of Ultimate Aptitude Tests is the biggest book of its kind. Boasting over 1000 questions with new detailed explanations, it provides essential practice for candidates who are facing recruitment and selection tests.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">PART ONE:</b> Abstract visual tests Abstract visual tests
    1. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">1</b> Constructs Constructs
    2. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">2</b> Sequences Sequences
    3. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">3</b> Perceptual Perceptual
  6. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">PART TWO:</b> Abstract numerical tests Abstract numerical tests
    1. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">4</b> Reasoning Reasoning
    2. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">5</b> Interpolation Interpolation
  7. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">PART THREE:</b> Abstract verbal tests Abstract verbal tests
    1. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">6</b> Deduction Deduction
    2. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">7</b> Analysis Analysis
  8. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">PART FOUR:</b> Physical tests Physical tests
    1. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">8</b> Dynamics Dynamics
    2. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">9</b> Tracing Tracing
  9. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">PART FIVE:</b> Spatial tests Spatial tests
    1. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">10</b> Formation Formation
    2. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">11</b> 3D tests 3D tests
  10. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">PART SIX:</b> Practical numerical tests Practical numerical tests
    1. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">12</b> Reckoning Reckoning
    2. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">13</b> Arithmetic Arithmetic
    3. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">14</b> Figure work Figure work
    4. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">15</b> Number skills Number skills
    5. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">16</b> Calculations Calculations
  11. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">PART SEVEN:</b> System tests System tests
    1. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">17</b> Systems Systems
    2. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">18</b> Coding Coding
  12. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">PART EIGHT:</b> Practical verbal tests Practical verbal tests
    1. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">19</b> Word usage Word usage
    2. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">20</b> Vocabulary Vocabulary
    3. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">21</b> Verbal precision Verbal precision
  13. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">PART NINE:</b> Online testing Online testing
    1. <b xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">22</b> Core intelligence test Core intelligence test