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Twitter Bootstrap Web Development How-To

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Creating a standard sub-page (Must know)

Now that we're familiar with the basics of the Bootstrap's grid system, we can start creating pages for our first Bootstrap website. Let's start with a standard sub-page with a main column and sidebar. We'll make it our "About" page.

Getting ready

Let's get our new template file ready:

  1. Make a copy of index.html and rename it about.html.
  2. Open about.html in your editor.
  3. Update the title tag to read <title>About | My Bootstrap Site</title>.
  4. Update the h1 heading to read <h1>About this Site</h1>.
  5. Save the file and open it in your browser.

Now let's get down to business.

How to do it…

  1. Inside the div class="hero-unit", beneath the h1 heading, delete the two paragraphs (including the contained text and button). We're going ...

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