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Top Secret Executive Resumes, Second Edition: Create the Perfect Resume for the Best Top-Level Positions

Book Description

Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) Steven Provenzano teaches readers how to most effectively use successful resumes and cover letters to realize their own career potential in today's tough job market. This practical and helpful guide takes you step by step through the process of writing, formatting, and circulating a job-winning resume that will take your career to the next level.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Author
  4. Introduction
    1. A New Philosophy
    2. A New Approach
    3. What You’re Up Against
    4. Avoid the Resume-Screening Process
    5. The Need for Accuracy
    6. Interview Yourself
    7. Some New Perspectives
    8. Opinions, Opinions
    9. Tips on Professional Services
    10. Making the Most of This Book
  5. 1. The Power of Now: Determine and Market Your Career Potential
    1. Getting Started: Your Personal Inventory
    2. References
  6. 2. Organizing a High-Impact Resume
    1. Chronological Format
    2. Functional Format
    3. Combination Format
    4. Distinguishing Yourself
    5. Keeping Your Resume Honest
    6. Resume Essentials
      1. Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address
      2. Job Titles
      3. Company Names and Dates
      4. Job Duties
      5. Licenses and Certifications
      6. Education
      7. Languages
      8. Professional Memberships
    7. Eliminate from Your Resume
      1. Salary Requirements/History
      2. “Resume” at the Top of the Page or “References Available Upon Request” at the End
      3. Reasons for Leaving a Job
      4. Religious or Political Groups
      5. Any Negative Information
      6. A Photograph
    8. Optional Items
      1. Title
      2. Objective
      3. Military Service
      4. A Personal or Interests Section
      5. Age and Marital Status
    9. One Page or Two?
  7. 3. The Proactive Executive Resume
  8. 4. Title or Objective?
    1. The Title
    2. The Objective
  9. 5. Market Your Skills in the Profile
    1. Pack It In
    2. Keep It Relevant
    3. The First Paragraph = The First Impression
      1. Communication skills:
    4. A Constantly Changing Document
  10. 6. Developing Your Career History
  11. 7. Education: Market Your Best Credentials
  12. 8. Designing an Executive Resume
    1. What Typeface? What Size?
    2. Bullet Points and White Space
    3. Line Length
    4. Placement of Dates
    5. Printing Your Resume
    6. What Color Paper?
    7. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!
  13. 9. Electronic Resumes and the Internet
    1. Formatting Tips for Electronic Resumes
    2. The Best Employment Websites
    3. The Importance of Your LinkedIn Profile
  14. 10. Networking and Using Your Resume Effectively
    1. Most Important: Build Your Network
    2. Your Current Employer
    3. Your Company’s Competitors
    4. Trade and Industry Organizations
    5. Selecting Recruiters, Headhunters and Employment Agencies
    6. The Growth of Internet Recruiting
    7. Trade and Newspaper Want Ads
    8. Alumni Career Centers
    9. Career and Job Fairs
    10. Pursue the Job Lead
      1. Cold Calling
      2. The Informational Interview: A Back-Door Approach
  15. 11. At Last: The Interview
    1. Research the Company and Position
    2. Practice Your Answers
    3. Present a Professional Image
    4. Arrive on Time
    5. Be Positive
    6. Don’t Be Nervous
    7. Downplay Personal Information
    8. Likability
    9. Stay on Message
  16. 12. Motivation: Get Your Career in Gear
    1. How to Keep from Being Your Own Worst Obstacle in the Job Search
    2. How to Retrain Your Brain for Change
    3. Changing Your Behavior Takes Work
    4. Three Limiting Beliefs That Curb Executives’ Ability to Change Their Behavior
    5. Ways to Retrain Your Brain
    6. Networking Tips and Strategies
      1. Adopt These 10 Traits, and You’ll Have People Knocking Down Your Door, Trying to Do Business with You
      2. Harness the Power of Networking©: Easy Steps to Make Your Connections Count!
      3. Networking vs. Partnerships
      4. The Partnership Factor: Build and Strengthen Your Business Partnerships
      5. You Are Not Alone
    7. Interview Tips and Strategies
      1. Ten Good Ways to “Tell Me about Yourself”: “If Hollywood Made a Movie about My Life, It Would Be Called...” and Nine More Memorable Answers to This Dreaded Job-Interview Question
      2. Make-or-Break Interview Mistakes: To Get on HR’s Good Side, Avoid Certain Behaviors. A Major Faux Pas, and Your Name Gets Crossed Off That List of Potential Candidates
      3. Dress for the Occasion
      4. Restrain the Camaraderie
      5. Control Your Nerves
      6. Avoid Offering Too Much Information
      7. Cut the Puffy Stuff
  17. 13. Cover Letter Essentials and Examples
    1. Length
    2. Close the Sale
    3. General Procedure
    4. Writing the Cover Letter
    5. Track Your Progress
    6. Reference Sheet Example
    7. Salary History Example
      1. Notes:
  18. 14. Case Study: Before and After Resume Examples
  19. 15. Executive Resume Examples
  20. A. Job Search Resources
    1. Websites, Books, Listings and Catalogs
    2. Job Agents
    3. Networking Resources
    4. Additional Job Search Resources
      1. 10 Strategies for Planning and Executing the Job Hunt
  21. Free Resume Review