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This Modern Romance: The Artistry, Technique, and Business of Engagement Photography

Book Description

Love is less confined than ever, as is our desire to capture it.

Engagement photography has become an essential and valuable component of wedding photography for both your clients and your photography business. Successfully booking romantic portrait sessions and providing your couples with creative, playful, and beautiful images can mean a lasting –and lucrative- relationship. Award winning photographer Stephanie Williams shares her approach to engagement photography, including her thoughts on the psychology of shooting and directing couples, current industry trends, and the use of blogs and social media. Discover photography tips on romantic styling, workflow, and branding that will help get your engagement sessions recognized by prospective clients and industry publications. Whether you are an aspiring photographer or established professional, this book is sure to inform and inspire your next photo shoot.

Read tips and testimonials from prominent wedding professionals, bloggers, editors and stylists, as well as Stephanie’s actual clients.

Learn how to build your brand and get your work published.

Improve or refresh your technical skill through practical lighting, equipment, and technique guidance.

Diversify the way you interact with clients and style your shoots.

Be inspired through gorgeous photographs.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Introduction: The Intention of the Engagement Session
    1. Photographing Love
  8. Chapter 1: Building Your Portfolio and Educating Clients
    1. Getting Started
    2. Show to Sell
    3. Test Shoots
    4. The Initial Meeting/Booking the Session
    5. Integrating Engagement Sessions into Your Wedding Packages
    6. Preparing Your Couple for the Shoot
    7. Be Genuine
  9. Chapter 2: Choosing Your Equipment
    1. Choosing a Camera
    2. Choosing Your Equipment
    3. Digital vs. Film
    4. Lenses
    5. Stephanie’s Camera Bag
  10. Chapter 3: On Lighting
    1. Searching for Soft Natural Light
    2. Ideal Lighting Scenarios
    3. Types of Light
    4. Using Your Surroundings as Improvised Tools
    5. Capturing Light, Digitally and on Film
  11. Chapter 4: Scouting and Location Selection
    1. Inspire Yourself, Inspire Your Clients
    2. Research, Pre-Planning, and Exploration
    3. Lifestyle Shoots
    4. What to Look for in a Location
    5. On Permits
    6. Travel Fees
    7. Finding Beauty Everywhere
  12. Chapter 5: The Art of Directing and Creating Flow
    1. The Approach
    2. Your Vision
    3. Find the Connection
    4. Setting the Mood through Tone and Language
    5. Phrasing
    6. Postures and Flow
    7. Angles
    8. Be Yourself
  13. Chapter 6: Composition and Color
    1. Balance and Rule of Thirds
    2. Lines and Symmetry
    3. Mix it Up
    4. The Role of Film, Digital, and Different Lenses in Composition
    5. A Note on Film and Digital Composition
    6. Color Coordination and Palettes
    7. Styles
  14. Chapter 7: Current Trends in Engagement Photography
    1. Bridal Blogs and Social Media
    2. Props, Then and Now
    3. Natural Styling and Other Emerging Trends
  15. Chapter 8: Wardrobe and Styling
    1. Using Props
    2. Storyboarding Your Session
    3. Mood Boards
    4. Sources and Inspiration
    5. Wardrobe and Styling
  16. Chapter 9: Workflow and Post-Processing
    1. Back it Up
    2. Post-Processing
    3. Stephanie’s Process for Digital Capture
    4. Stephanie’s Process for Film Capture
    5. Film
    6. Digital
    7. Retouching
    8. Outsourcing
    9. Proofing
  17. Chapter 10: Branding and Online Presence
    1. Branding
    2. Online Presence
    3. Networking
    4. Social Media
    5. On Publications
    6. Getting Featured
    7. Brand Clarity in a Changing Industry
  18. Index