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Book Description

Understanding how to turn numbers into usable insights is a significant challenge for those who work with data on a daily basis. Thinking with Data provides a concise framework and key insights to help data people uncover the real problem to be solved as well as how to approach, organize, and analyze potential results. By drawing from rhetoric studies, design thinking, and his data strategy consultancy experience, author Max Shron shows you how focusing on the whywill help you create usable insights from your company's data jumble.

Table of Contents

  1. Praise for
  2. Preface
    1. Conventions Used in This Book
    2. SafariĀ® Books Online
    3. How to Contact Us
    4. Acknowledgments
  3. 1. Scoping: Why Before How
    1. Context (Co)
    2. Needs (N)
    3. Vision (V)
    4. Outcome (O)
    5. Seeing the Big Picture
  4. 2. What Next?
    1. Refining the Vision
    2. Deep Dive: Real Estate and Public Transit
    3. Deep Dive Continued: Working Forward
    4. Deep Dive Continued: Scaffolding
    5. Verifying Understanding
    6. Getting Our Hands Dirty
  5. 3. Arguments
    1. Audience and Prior Beliefs
    2. Claims
    3. Evidence, Justification, and Rebuttals
    4. Deep Dive: Improving College Graduation Rates
  6. 4. Patterns of Reasoning
    1. Categories of Disputes
      1. Fact
      2. Definition
      3. Value
      4. Policy
    2. General Topics
      1. Specific-to-General
      2. General-to-Specific
      3. Argument by Analogy
    3. Special Arguments
      1. Optimization
      2. Bounding Case
      3. Cost/Benefit Analysis
  7. 5. Causality
    1. Defining Causality
    2. Designs
    3. Intervention Designs
    4. Observational Designs
    5. Natural Experiments
    6. Statistical Methods
  8. 6. Putting It All Together
    1. Deep Dive: Predictive Model for Conversion Probability
    2. Deep Dive: Calculating Access to Microfinance
    3. Wrapping Up
  9. A. Further Reading
  10. Colophon
  11. Copyright