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Think Like A Champion: An Informal Education In Business and Life

Book Description

Over the years, Donald Trump has written many bestselling books, but he has also written shorter essays that encompass his philosophy about how to live life to the fullest, both personally and professionally. In these pieces, which have been personally selected by Donald Trump for this book, he gives his special perspective in what amounts to an “informal education” about success in business and in life. His insights are engaging, educational, and informative and together they provide a very clear window into the mind and heart of this extraordinary and successful man.

Topics include:
*The Shock Market
*Keep the Big Picture in Mind
*Give Your Higher Self a Chance
*Essays, Assets, and Stephen King
*Discover and Live Your Purpose
*Go Against the Tide
*Imagination: A Key to Financial Savvy
*The Good, the Bad, and the Rogue Wave
*Financial Literacy
*Think Like a Genius

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Dedication
  3. Foreword
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction
  6. Barack Obama Election Ushers in a Different World
  7. Essays, Assets, and Stephen King
  8. Innovation
  9. The Importance of Being a Team Player
  10. An Early Thanksgiving
  11. Learning Is a New Beginning
  12. Learn to Think on Your Feet
  13. Strive for Wholeness
  14. Give Your Higher Self a Chance
  15. Wisdom
  16. The More You Learn, the More You Realize What You Don’t Know
  17. Think Like a Champion
  18. I View My Work as an Art Form
  19. Building Connected Thoughts
  20. Confronting Your Fears
  21. Imagination: A Key to Financial Savvy
  22. Is Business Success a Natural Talent?
  23. Keep It Short, Fast, and Direct
  24. Have the Right Mindset for the Job
  25. Momentum Is Something You Have to Work at to Maintain
  26. Learn from Setbacks and Mistakes
  27. Tell People About Your Success
  28. Prescience
  29. The Shock Market
  30. Financial Literacy
  31. Destiny
  32. Each Success Is the Beginning of the Next One
  33. There Are Times When You Should Move On
  34. Keep the Big Picture in Mind
  35. Get the Best People You Can
  36. Winners See Problems as Just Another Way to Prove Themselves
  37. Scotland: You’re Hired!
  38. Develop a Tempo When You’re Working
  39. You Can Better Your Best at Any Time
  40. They Thought I Was Doing So Well
  41. It’s Not Personal—It’s Business
  42. Think Like a Genius
  43. Go Against the Tide
  44. Think Positively
  45. People Have Different Ways of Achieving Results
  46. Discover and Live Your Purpose
  47. Set the Standard
  48. Go with Your Gut
  49. Know Your Audience
  50. The Good, the Bad, and the Rogue Wave
    1. The Rogue Wave
  51. Building Your Reputation
  52. “The Harder I Work, the Luckier I Get”
  53. How to Get Rich
  54. Work with People You Like
  55. In Addition to Business: What the Successful Person Needs to Know
  56. You Can Be in Charge
  57. Synergy
  59. INDEX
  62. Copyright Page