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The Young Professional

Book Description

This year, nearly 2 million bachelors' degrees will be awarded from colleges across the U.S. After graduation, most of the students earning those degrees will head into the job market to seek employment in their chosen professions. In today's challenging economic environment, aspiring professionals need to learn all they can about what it takes to enter their target career field and achieve success. THE YOUNG PROFESSIONAL: A REAL-WORLD SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR THE NEW COLLEGE GRADUATE is the career book for young people looking to find their place in the professional workforce. Author Andy J. Semotiuk is a senior attorney who has spent more than 30 years helping young professionals--attorneys, nurses, teachers, and many others--as they seek to establish their careers and make their way in the business world. Featuring inspiring real-life stories and covering the topics most important to the new professional--from money, time-management, and personal motivation to sharpening presentation skills, power networking, and achieving work/life balance--this book is filled with concrete, practical advice that young professionals can put to work right now. Gain the skills and confidence you need to succeed with THE YOUNG PROFESSIONAL: A REAL-WORLD SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR THE NEW COLLEGE GRADUATE. - See more at: http://www.cengageptr.com/Topics/TitleDetail/1285868927#sthash.qt9HV7TP.dpuf