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The Trusted Executive

Book Description

This thought-provoking and practical title challenges leaders to recognize the power of trust in an increasingly sceptical world. It presents a unique three-pillar model for building trust and details the nine leadership habits that deliver outstanding results, inspiring relationships and a positive long-term legacy.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for The Trusted Executive
  3. Dedication
  4. Title Page
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword by Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever
  7. Introduction: ‘You’re too nice, Blakey’
    1. Welcome to the journey
    2. Tomorrow’s trusted executive
    3. Trust has become the agenda
    4. The journey ahead
    5. Igniting the spark
  8. PART I    Trust lost and trust regained
    1. 01    A broken model: The blue pill vs the red pill
      1. Traditional measures of business success: Single bottom line
      2. The traditional role of the executive leader: Untrustworthy agent
      3. The red pill: Transparency
      4. Impacts of transparency
      5. A broken model
      6. Points to ponder
    2. 02    The three pillars that inspire trust
      1. The future measures of business success: Triple bottom line
      2. The future role of the executive leader: Trusted steward
      3. Trust and trustworthiness
      4. The three pillars: Ability, integrity and benevolence
      5. Trust regained
      6. Points to ponder
      7. Executive interviews:
        1. Jane Tozer, MBE, OBE, Portfolio Non-Executive Director, UK
        2. Ruslan Vasyutin, Chairman of the Board at Jupiter Life, Vienna Insurance Group, Ukraine
  9. PART II The nine habits that inspire results, relationships and reputation
    1. Introduction: Making a habit out of trustworthiness
    2. 03    Pillar 1: Habits of ability
      1. Choosing to deliver
      2. Choosing to coach
      3. Choosing to be consistent
      4. DO HB CHECK self-assessment: Habits of ability
      5. CEO coaching session
    3. 04    Pillar 2: Habits of integrity
      1. Choosing to be honest
      2. Choosing to be open
      3. Choosing to be humble
      4. DO HB CHECK self-assessment: Habits of integrity
      5. CEO coaching session
    4. 05    Pillar 3: Habits of benevolence
      1. Choosing to evangelize
      2. Choosing to be brave
      3. Choosing to be kind
      4. DO HB CHECK self-assessment: Habits of benevolence
      5. CEO coaching session
    5. 06    Cracks in the pillars: What to do when things go wrong
      1. Making mistakes
      2. Cracks in Pillar 1: Ability
      3. Cracks in Pillar 2: Integrity
      4. Cracks in Pillar 3: Benevolence
      5. Points to ponder
      6. Executive interviews:
        1. Ingrid Riddervold Lorange, CEO, Global Shared Services, Telenor Group, Norway
        2. Daniel Gorosch, Managing Director, JLL, Sweden
  10. PART III The wider context
    1. 07    Organizational foundations: Living in a red pill world
      1. Goals, measurement and reporting
      2. Ownership, governance and structure
      3. Regulation, PR and CSR
      4. Scale, processes and systems
      5. Remuneration and incentives
      6. Points to ponder
      7. Executive interviews:
        1. Geoff McDonald, ex–Global Vice President, Unilever
        2. Jane Frost, CBE, CEO, The Market Research Society, UK
    2. Conclusion: ‘Well done, Blakey’
      1. Time to make a choice
      2. Seizing the prize (or not)
      3. The end of the beginning
  11. Afterword
  12. About the author
  13. Acknowledgements
  14. Index
  15. Copyright