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The Transforming Leader

Book Description

Outlines a new leadership approach tailored to the realities of the twenty-first century Features chapters by such leading authors as Matthew Fox, Diana Whitney, and Alan Briskin Edited and annotated by the author of the bestselling The Hero Within The traditional model of the heroic leader single-handedly piloting the organization was always something of a myth, but it is especially unrealistic now. We live in a complex, fast-evolving, highly connected world. There is simply too much for a single person to keep track of or to address successfully. Leaders today must not only optimize all their own faculties—mind, body, and spirit—they must harvest the full capacities of those around them. To discover what leadership models are working now, the prestigious Fetzer Institute, along with the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy, and the International Leadership Association, brought together an impressive, interdisciplinary group of scholars and practitioners. The group drew on psychology, sociology, neuroscience, organizational change theory, myths and wisdom traditions, social networking theory, and the actual experiences of successful leaders to discover how leaders today achieve transformational results. The first part of the book offers an overview of what transformational leadership is, how it works, and how it is evolving. The second part shows readers how to increase cognitive complexity, link up their conscious and unconscious minds, and lead in ways that connect mind, heart, and spirit. The third part describes ways of leading groups to harvest collective wisdom and promote coordinated performance in the service of transformational ends. The conclusion explores how transformational communication can anchor new learnings so that they become habitual. Overall, The Transforming Leader reframes the challenge of leading in today’s interdependent, unpredictable world. Its message is that if we update our thinking, enhance the quality of our being, deepen our sense of relatedness with the ecology of our natural and social worlds, and practice transformational communication, things no longer have to be so hard.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Preface: The Leadership for Transformation Project
  8. Introduction: The Transforming Leader New Needs for New Times
  9. Part One: Transformational Thinking for Twenty-First-Century Leaders
    1. Setting the Context for Part One
    2. Evolving Thinking about Transformational Leadership
    3. 1 Transactional and Transformational Leadership: Their Foundations in Power and Influence
    4. 2 Leadership in Action: Three Essential Energies
    5. 3 Leadership and Organizational Networks: A Relational Perspective
    6. 4 Positive Power: Transforming Possibilities through Appreciative Leadership
    7. 5 Dancing on a Slippery Floor: Transforming Systems, Transforming Leadership
    8. 6 On Mattering: Lessons from Ancient Wisdom, Literature, and the New Sciences
  10. Part Two: Being the Change: Inner Work for Transforming Leaders
    1. Setting the Context for Part Two
    2. Deepening and Expanding Inner Capacities for Becoming the Change
    3. 7 The New Basics: Inner Work for Adaptive Challenges
    4. 8 Integral Leadership: Opening Space by Leading through the Heart
    5. 9 Mindful Leadership: Discovering Wisdom beyond Certainty
    6. 10 Leadership as a Spiritual Practice: Vocation and Journey
    7. 11 Transmuting Suffering: A Leadership and Advising Perspective
    8. 12 Shapeshifter Leadership: Responding Creatively to the Challenges of a Complex World
  11. Part Three: The Art of Working with and Transforming Groups
    1. Setting the Context for Part Three
    2. Shifting Perspectives on Inner/Outer Connectivity
    3. 13 Depth Entrepreneurship: Creating an Organization Out of Dream Space
    4. 14 Deep Dialogue: Harvesting Collective Wisdom
    5. 15 New Approaches for Leadership: A Psychospiritual Model for Leadership Development
    6. 16 It’s All a Dream: Depth Approaches to Understanding and Withdrawing Projection
    7. 17 Hearing the Music: Leadership and the Inner Work of Art
    8. 18 Unleashing Possibilities: Leadership and the Third Space
  12. Conclusion: Reinforcing Change through Transformational Communication
  13. Appendix A: Application Exercises
    1. A: Applications for Thinking through What to Do
    2. B: Applications for Becoming the Change You Wish to See
    3. C: Applications for the Art of Transforming Groups
    4. Conclusion: Creating a Connected Leadership Narrative and Plan
  14. Appendix B: Additional Resources
    1. Organizations and Associations
    2. Foundational Theory Sets
    3. Leadership and Personal Development Instrumentation
    4. Additional Communities of Practice
  15. References
  16. Leadership for Transformation Bibliography
  17. Gratitudes
  18. Index
  19. About the Editor
  20. About the Fetzer Institute
  21. About the International Leadership Association
  22. About Pacifica Graduate Institute