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The Strategic Designer

Book Description

THE DESIGN PROFESSION HAS BEEN ASKING ITSELF SOME IMPORTANT QUESTIONS LATELY. How do designers deal with the increasing complexity of design problems? How do designers become co-creators with clients and audiences? How do designers prove their value to business? The transition has been happening for a while now: Design is no longer solely concerned with color, type and image. To thrive in the future, designers must sharpen their strategy skills now. The Strategic Designer will help you do just that, with clear instruction and explanatory case studies. You’ll learn to:

  • think through problems rationally
  • use a process to determine solutions to problems
  • build strong client relationships
  • elevate your standing with clients
  • increase project success rates
  • boost efficiency and enhance creativity By adopting a process that considers collaboration, context and accountability, designers move from “makers of things” to “design strategists.”