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The She Spot

Book Description

Offers concrete, field-tested advice for helping nonprofits, social advocacy organizations, and political campaigns connect more effectively with women Includes examples from both the for-profit and non-profit sectors Written by top executives from the largest public interest communication firm in the country The secret to changing the world is hidden in plain sight—in fact, it’s half the population. Women vote more, volunteer more, and give to more charities than men do. They control over half of the total wealth in America. Corporations have long recognized the growing power of woman and have been targeting them for years. The She Spot is a practical and provocative primer showing how nonprofits and social change organizations can do it too. Lisa Witter and Lisa Chen reveal surprising insights into women’s real social priorities (for example, in one poll only 7% of women identified “protecting reproductive choice," supposedly the women’s issue, as a top priority for Congress). They describe four core principles—care, control, connect, and cultivate—for designing messages that will resonate with women of all ages and backgrounds. And using case histories from companies like Home Depot, T-Mobile and Kellogg’s as well as nonprofits like MoveOn.org, The American Lung Association and The Environmental Defense Fund, they explain precisely how to put these four principles into practice. This book makes the case that simply painting your marketing campaign “pink” and calling it a day will miss the mark with most women. Witter and Chen show that you can expand your outreach to connect with women in addition to men—think both/and, not either/or. You’ll raise more money and recruit more supporters for your cause. In the end, those who hit the “She Spot” claim the power to create a better, brighter world for all of us.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. More Praise for the She Spot
  5. Foreword
  6. Preface
    1. What Is the She Spot?
    2. What You’ll Find In These Pages
    3. Why Listen to Us?
  7. Introduction A Women-Centered (Marketing) Revolution
    1. Why Women Are the Key to Moving the Needle On Social Issues
    2. Why Gender-Neutral Marketing Is Not Enough
    3. It’s About Her
    4. The Four Cs: Care, Connect, Cultivate, and Control
    5. Marketing—for Social Change
  8. Part I Understanding the She Spot
    1. 1 Why Women Matter
      1. Women: A Nonprofit’s Best Friend
      2. Transforming Society As We Know It
      3. Conclusion
      4. Chapter Take-Aways
    2. 2 How Women Think
      1. Gender Differences Vs. Gender Equality
      2. Yes, Virginia, There Is a Difference
      3. Size Doesn’t Matter, But Structure and Chemistry Do
      4. Women: The Great Communicators, or the Science On Connect
      5. Women’s Big Picture Thinking, or the Science On Cultivate
      6. Enter: Hormones
      7. Harmonious Coop Vs. Pecking Order, or the Science on Community
      8. Conclusion
      9. Chapter Take-Aways
    3. 3 What Women Want
    4. Beyond Choice: Redefining “Women’s Issues”
    5. The Rule of the Four Cs
    6. Conclusion
    7. Chapter Take-Aways
  9. Part II How to Hit the She Spot
    1. 4 Care
      1. The Nonprofit That Knew Too Much
      2. Who Cares? Women Do
      3. Getting Her to Care: Six Marketing Tips
      4. It Takes a Nation
      5. Voting for the Candidate Who Cares
      6. Storytelling Through Video in the Age of YouTube
      7. Conclusion
      8. Chapter Take-Aways
    2. 5 Connect
      1. Making the Connection
      2. Conclusion
      3. Chapter Take-Aways
    3. 6 Cultivate
      1. Tell Me More
      2. Changing Trends in Philanthropy
      3. Women Are More Loyal and Often More Involved
      4. Women = Word of Mouth
      5. Fast-Forwarded Election Cycle
      6. Six Keys to Cultivating Women’s Support
      7. Conclusion
      8. Chapter Take-Aways
    4. 7 Control
    5. Women As Air Traffic Controllers
    6. Debbie Downer Vs. Erin Brokovich
    7. Conclusion
    8. Chapter Take-Aways
  10. Part III Where to Hit the She Spot
    1. 8 Where to Reach Women
      1. Where to Pick Up Women
      2. The News Media—Do They Still Matter?
      3. News Consumption: The Gender Split
      4. Connecting With Women In Cyberspace
      5. Marketing to Women Online
      6. The Bloghersphere
      7. Do You YouTube? Women’s Online Video Use
      8. Social Networking Media: A Woman’s Best Friend
      9. Conclusion
      10. Chapter Take-Aways
    2. 9 Segmenting the Women’s Market
    3. Women, One Segment At a Time
    4. The Rise of Micro-Targeting
    5. Life Transitions As Opportunities
    6. Debunking the Myth of the (Conservative) “Security Mom”
  11. Conclusion the Not¯So¯Secret Secret to Changing the World
    1. “Add Women and Change Everything.”
    2. From Issues to Values
    3. Survival of the Connected
    4. The Death of Women’s Issues?
    5. Women: The Not-So-Secret Secret to Changing the World
    6. Putting Theory Into Action
  12. Resources
    1. Books and Web Sites
  13. Notes
    1. Introduction Notes
    2. Chapter 2 Notes
    3. Chapter 3 Notes
    4. Chapter 4 Notes
    5. Chapter 5 Notes
    6. Chapter 6 Notes
    7. Chapter 7 Notes
    8. Chapter 8 Notes
    9. Chapter 9 Notes
  14. Acknowledgments
  15. Index
  16. About the Authors
    1. Lisa Witter
    2. Lisa Chen
  17. About Berrett-Koehler Publishers
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