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The Rough Guide to Portugal

Book Description

The Rough Guide to Portugal is the ultimate travel guide to this beautiful country, taking you to the fashionable cities of Lisbon and Porto, to hikes in the central and northern hills, and to every beach along the Algarve--making it the ideal companion whether you're on a city break, beach vacation, or road trip.

The locally-based Rough Guides author team introduces the best vineyards, country taverns, and fado clubs and provides reliable insider tips on topics such as driving Portugal's roads, surfing at Peniche, and shopping for linen and lace. You'll find special coverage of Portugese history, art, architecture, and literature and detailed information on the best markets and shopping for each region.

The fully updated Rough Guide to Portugal also unearths the best restaurants, nightlife, and hotels, from backpacker hostels to beachfront villas and boutique hotels. Color-coded maps feature every sight and listing.

Make the most of your vacation with The Rough Guide to Portugal.

Now available in ePub format.