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The Rise of the Global Nomad

Book Description

There is an urgent need for new thinking - a clear mind shift - in terms of leadership and people management as the focus of world recovery switches from US/Western best practices to recovery and growth centred on developing and emerging markets. A cadre of global professional is appearing who will drive both the recovery and future growth of international organizations - The Global Nomad. The Rise of the Global Nomad explains how this new workforce is the engine room of the modern organization. Promoting recovery and driving growth by operating in the new markets. The global nomad, predominantly Generation Y, is characterised by a new set of principles and attitudes; embracing change, up for the challenge, they are not loyal to any one organization. Recognising that they are the key to unlocking the potential in these new markets, the author describes how organizations need to restructure and change their ideas to embrace the global nomad and maximise their power in the new economy.