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The Resume Handbook, 5th Edition

Book Description

Only 1 interview is granted for every 250 resumes received and with The Resume Handbook, you can make sure yours is the one on top! Your resume has one purpose: to obtain an interview. In order to create an interview-winning resume, you need to know what to say and how to say it-and The Resume Handbook will show you how. The book focuses on three major objectives: 1. Organization: Give your resume structure and visual impact to immediately capture attention 2. The Basics: What to include and what to leave out so you don't turn off the reader 3. Accomplishments: Present yourself as a highly motivated achiever. Now in its fifth edition, The Resume Handbook features thirty-seven of the best resumes ever written and provides no-nonsense advice for making your resume stand out from the crowd. Praise for The Resume Handbook: "As vice president of a major employment agency, I have seen countless examples of the best and worst of resumes. The Resume Handbook provides clear advice and practical examples of the kind of resumes we, and our clients, like to see." -Tom Walsh, vice president, Essential Data Corporation, Stamford, CT. "As with past editions, we continue to refer The Resume Handbook to hundreds of executives in a wide range of fields. We, and our clients, have come to expect practical suggestions and realistic examples from this insightful classic. Bottom line: The Resume Handbook produces results." -Harvey Hohauser, president, Harvey Hohauser & Associates, Troy, MI. "The Resume Handbook is unusual in that it appeals to people at every level of the job market: executives, middle managers, and recent graduates. The authors also recognize the needs of nonprofessional job-seekers. Highly recommended!" -Rob Carmona, president/CEO, East Harlem Employment Services, Inc, New York, NY.