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The Patient Paradigm Shifts

Book Description

The dynamics of health care are shifting the patient paradigm in dramatic ways. The former patient is now both a consumer and a customer. The mantra of this new consumer is “convenient, fast, simple, and high value.” Their expectations for health care are similar to what they experience in other industries such as transportation, banking, short-stay rental housing, retail shopping online, same-day deliveries, and more. Smart mobile devices enable the customer to conduct transactions at any place and at any time, and without waiting in line. Health care providers need to offer customer service experiences similar to Apple, Amazon, Nordstrom, and other benchmark companies in order to stay competitive. The mindset of the new patient-turned-consumer has fundamentally shifted and there is no looking back. Anyone connected to health care needs to learn the profiles of the new consumer, better understand their behaviors, and comprehend their expectations as customers who have a choice. The patient paradigm shifts tells you everything a successful business needs to know about the powerful new health care consumer.