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The Outstanding Middle Manager

Book Description

A groundbreaking practical guide to forging a successful, dynamic and fulfilling career in middle management or senior specialist roles.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
    1. 01  Life in the middle
      1. What is the reality of life in the middle?
      2. A positive view of middle management
      3. Power and influence
      4. All of you
      5. Establish your goals and objectives
      6. Development tool: Defining your goals
    2. 02  Life above and below
      1. Strategic drivers at the top
      2. Interpersonal dynamics
      3. Personal motivations
      4. What do those at lower levels need from you?
      5. Understanding the perspectives of those around you
      6. Process tool: Perspectives
    3. 03  Managing work pressures in the middle
      1. Demands in the middle
      2. Resource pressures in the middle
      3. Control in the middle
      4. Pressure in the middle: coping mechanisms
    4. 04 Mid-level career development
      1. Career anchors
      2. Looking out and across
      3. Connecting through networking
      4. Creating lateral futures
      5. Career resilience
      6. Wellbeing and career development
      7. Process tool: Structuring your career development
      8. Supporting others to develop their career in the middle
      9. Career development: the need to influence outwards
    5. 05  Getting the best out of your team
      1. Teams – getting the basics right
      2. Team resilience and wellbeing
      3. Managing the pressure climate
      4. Wellbeing and performance
      5. Team development
      6. Guidance tool: Team confidence builder
    6. 06  Influencing and working with your peers
      1. Peer influencing and networking
      2. Learning from your peers
      3. Better understanding and influencing distributed decision making
      4. Peer support networks
      5. Improving the way you work with your peers
    7. 07  Managing upwards
      1. Difficult upwards relationships
      2. Managing demands from above
      3. Developing a true partnership with your boss
      4. Managing a range of senior stakeholders
    8. 08  Lifestyle management
      1. The impact of work on life and life on work
      2. Maintaining your health and wellbeing
    9. 09  Becoming an outstanding middle manager
      1. Converting goals into actions
      2. The ultimate middle management challenge
      3. Developing middle managers
      4. So be outstanding
  3. References
  4. Index
  5. Copyright