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Book Description

The New Kingmakers documents the rise of the developer class, and provides strategies for companies to adapt to the new technology landscape. From recruiting to retention, it provides a playbook to work more efficiently and effectively with the most important members of your organization.

Table of Contents

  1. Dedication
  2. Special Upgrade Offer
  3. Foreword
  4. 1. Introduction
    1. The CIO Is the Last to Know
  5. 2. The New Kingmakers
    1. Buy the Company to Hire the People
    2. What Are Developers Worth? A DOJ Suit
    3. The People vs The Code
  6. 3. How Did We Get Here
    1. The Disruptors
    2. The Symbiosis of Open Source and Developers
    3. Hardware for Pennies an Hour?
    4. Harnessing the Power of the Internet
    5. The New Money Lenders
  7. 4. The Evidence
    1. What Would a Developer’s World Look Like?
    2. Choice and Fragmentation
    3. Open Source and Ubiquity
    4. Standards: Who Decides?
    5. Courting the Developer Population
      1. Getting It Right
      2. Apple
      3. Amazon Web Services
      4. Google
      5. Microsoft
      6. Netflix
  8. 5. What To Do? 10 Recommendations
    1. Get To Them Early
    2. Algorithmic Recruitment
    3. Open Source and Acqhires
    4. Invest in Developer Relations
    5. Embrace Open Source
    6. Go Global with Your Hiring
    7. Lower the Barriers to Entry
    8. Get into the Game with APIs
    9. Optimize for Developer Joy
    10. Talk with Developers, Not at Them
  9. 6. Final Thoughts
    1. Developers and Negotiating with Populations
  10. About the Author
  11. Special Upgrade Offer
  12. Copyright