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The New Entrepreneurz: Changing the Way You Play Life

Book Description

The New Entrepreneurz are the game changers who can be found playing different games across the spectrum. They are the business owners, the managers, the lawyers, the moms and dads, the lovers, the educators, the artists, and healers.

Entrepreneurship is no longer just about business; it is the new mindset.

For too long we have been sold on the lie of competition and life in the tired Rat Race.

Times have changed, and in this new Shared Economy, opportunities are everywhere and resources are abundant if we just learn to see them.

The New Entrepreneurz provides a game-changing game-based approach to molding your mind and developing a fresh entrepreneurial mentality that focuses on working smart & on collaborative winning.

Advocating not for simple change, but for total transformation, this revolutionary resource provides a powerful platform to shift the paradigm for all those interested in running a smart purpose driven business.

The book offers:

  • How to win the game as a successful New Entrepreneur

  • Best practices on how to build a game changer business

  • Tips and tricks on becoming a smart business

  • A ReFreshing perspective on business, money, relationships, and education

  • How to generate Win to the Winth Power relationships and smartnerships

  • Ronen Gafni and Simcha Gluck take you on the adventures of The New Entrepreneurz through sharing their own unique story of FreshBiz. From the sleepless night that Ronen first conceived of the game-changing board game to the now international company impacting tens of thousands around the globe. Being featured on the GameChangers500 list alongside companies like Etzy, Google and Zappos, demonstrates the power of how they walk the talk in a completely unique and fresh approach to life and business.

    Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright
    3. Introduction
      1. Who Are the New Entrepreneurz?
      2. Don't Read This Book; Live It!
      3. FreshBiziology 101: The Language and Mind-Set
    4. Chapter 1: Ronen Tells the Story behind FreshBiz
    5. Chapter 2: The New Entrepreneurz
      1. First, a Brief History Lesson
      2. The Life Hackers and Gamers
      3. Express Yourself
    6. Chapter 3: What Game Are You Playing?
      1. Life Is a Game
      2. Gamifying Your Life
    7. Chapter 4: Win to the Winth Power
      1. The Three Zip Codes and the Island
      2. The New Mind-Set
    8. Chapter 5: Action Cards
      1. What Are Action Cards?
      2. Myriad Forms of Currency
      3. What Action Cards Can Do
      4. For All You Professionals out There
      5. Priceless versus Worthless
      6. Action Cards—I'll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours
      7. Now That You've Identified Your Action Cards, What Happens Next?
      8. Eight Reasons Why People Don't Share Action Cards
      9. Use Them at Work
      10. Use Them at College
      11. Share Action Cards
      12. Know the Value of Action Cards
    9. Chapter 6: Green Titles and Red Titles
      1. The Lifestyle of the New Entrepreneurz
      2. Meet Victoria
      3. Back in the New York City Days
      4. Is Plastic Surgery Good for You?
      5. Do People Prefer Red?
      6. The Red Title of Wellness
      7. Red and Green Titles and College Student Summer Jobs
      8. Red to Green How-To
      9. Coaching Turns Red Titles into Green Titles
    10. Chapter 7: Smart Business
      1. Smart Business 101
      2. Packaging a Value
      3. Building Your Smart Business
      4. Characteristic 1: Serves a Higher Mission with Your Unique Voice
      5. Characteristic 2: Demonstrates Win to the Winth Power
      6. Characteristic 3: Supports Your Lifestyle
    11. Chapter 8: All-in
      1. The New World Mind-Set
      2. Do You Plan on Going All-in Someday? If So, Why Not Today?
      3. The Right Way to Go All-in
      4. It's All about Trust
      5. You Are Already All-in
      6. How Responsible Are You?
      7. All out versus All-in
      8. The Solution: Trust Yourself First
      9. Are You Ready to Be All-in for You?
      10. Let's End with a Little Music!
      11. Put Yourself at the Top of the Going All-in List
    12. Chapter 9: Teaser: You've Already Won the Game
      1. You Are Going to Win the Game
      2. Never Come from Fear—Rescuing Our Domain Name from a Website Pirate
      3. Another Day, Another Step Forward
      4. New Entrepreneur7
      5. Look for the Magic
      6. Winning Isn't an End
      7. Look for Quantum Leaps and Then Leap!
      8. It Isn't That Everyone Is a Winner; It's That Everyone Can Be a Winner!
    13. Chapter 10: Solving the World's Greatest Problem
      1. The World's Greatest Problem
      2. The New Entrepreneurz' Role
      3. One Game at a Time
    14. Interviews
      1. Ninet Tayeb, Singer-Songwriter
      2. Iris Zohar, 9 Rooms
      3. Jon Levy, Influencers Dinner
      4. Lauren Walters, 2 Degrees Food
      5. Mariquel Waingarten, Hickies
      6. Phillip McKenzie, Influencer Conference
      7. Yosef Adest, 52Frames
      8. David Hopkins, GameChangers 500
      9. Jon Vroman, the Front Row Foundation
    15. Acknowledgments
    16. Index
    17. End User License Agreement