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The Market Research and Insight Yearbook

Book Description

In an exclusive selection of case studies, this book challenges how we think about market research and tells a powerful story by showcasing excellence, innovative methodology and remarkable results.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. List of figures
  5. List of tables
  6. Contributors
  7. Foreword
  8. Introduction
  9. Special Report: MRS at 70
  10. Special Report: PwC – The business of evidence
  11. 01    Tools for a digital world
    1. John Gambles, Quadrangle
    2. Introduction: the first and second waves of digital
    3. The value platform of research
    4. The two most important objectives for decision makers
    5. The uses of research
    6. The second wave of digital
    7. The value of research in a digital world
    8. Research and data together
    9. The future: integrated research and data
  12. 02    Widening access to qualitative research participation: giving everyone their say
    1. Maya Middlemiss, Saros
    2. The craft of qualitative research
    3. Recruiting participants for qualitative research
    4. The benefits and challenges of widening participation in qualitative research
    5. Harnessing impact through qualitative research
    6. Conclusion
    7. Case study: Diet food product
  13. 03    Using behavioural economics in healthcare research
    1. Jonathan Fletcher and Dan Coffin, Illuminas
    2. The challenge of behavioural economics
    3. Exploratory behavioural economics: The marriage of BE and MR
    4. Analysis and interpretation
    5. Behavioural economics in healthcare
    6. Prescription under uncertainty
    7. When is a behavioural economics approach indicated?
  14. 04    Insight management
    1. Lucy Morris, Alexandra Wren and Mita Shaha, Spinach
    2. Adapting communications
    3. The challenge
    4. Qualitative research driven by consumer-centric design
    5. Conclusion
  15. 05    Understanding and accounting for cultural bias in global b2b research
    1. Conor Wilcock, B2B International
    2. An introduction to survey response styles
    3. Trends and contributing factors
    4. Attempts to reduce or eliminate cultural bias
    5. Conclusion: ‘A problem well stated’
  16. 06    The challenges of media research
    1. Simon Shaw, Trinity McQueen and Royal Mail
    2. The growth of media channels
    3. Case study 1: The private life of mail
    4. Summary learnings for commercial ethnography
    5. Case study 2: The medium and the message
    6. Using behavioural economic thinking in advertising and media research
  17. 07    Blueprint research
    1. Janice Guy, Jungle Green and Northern Rail
    2. The business need
    3. Setting up the scheme
    4. Aims of the scheme
    5. Blueprint research project
    6. Research scope
    7. Impacts of the scheme
    8. Where the scheme is now
    9. Reflections on the research programme
  18. 08    Public policy research
    1. Ben Page, Ipsos MORI
    2. Introduction
    3. Social research: a changing landscape
    4. Different kinds of evidence and evaluation
    5. New skills and strategies
    6. Communicating complex ideas
    7. Conclusion
  19. 09    Mapping attention in the digital era
    1. Andy Goll, Sparkler and Microsoft
    2. The challenge
    3. The digital media hypothesis
    4. The brief
    5. The approach
    6. The findings
    7. The outcome
    8. Challenging received wisdom
    9. What next?
  20. 10    Digital world and private lives
    1. Dr Michelle Goddard and Debrah Harding, the Market Research Society
    2. The data landscape
    3. The privacy landscape
    4. The legislative landscape
    5. Shaping the new social contract
    6. Fair data
    7. Conclusion
  21. Copyright