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The Magic of Math: Solving for x and Figuring Out Why

Book Description

The Magic of Math is the math book you wish you had in school. Using a delightful assortment of examples—from ice cream scoops and poker hands to measuring mountains and making magic squares—this book empowers you to see the beauty, simplicity, and truly magical properties behind those formulas and equations that once left your head spinning. You’ll learn the key ideas of classic areas of mathematics like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus, but you’ll also have fun fooling around with Fibonacci numbers, investigating infinity, and marveling over mathematical magic tricks that will make you look like a math genius! A mathematician who is known throughout the world as the “mathemagician,” Arthur Benjamin mixes mathematics and magic to make the subject fun, attractive, and easy to understand. In The Magic of Math, Benjamin does more than just teach skills: with a tip of his magic hat, he takes you on as his apprentice to teach you how to appreciate math the way he does. He motivates you to learn something new about how to solve for x, because there is real pleasure to be found in the solution to a challenging problem or in using numbers to do something useful. But what he really wants you to do is be able to figure out why, for that’s where you’ll find the real beauty, power, and magic of math.

Table of Contents

  1. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="big"><b>0</b></span>&#160;&#160;&#160;Introduction   Introduction
  2. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="big"><b>1</b></span>&#160;&#160;&#160;The Magic of Numbers   The Magic of Numbers
  3. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="big"><b>2</b></span>&#160;&#160;&#160;The Magic of Algebra   The Magic of Algebra
  4. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="big"><b>3</b></span>&#160;&#160;&#160;The Magic of 9   The Magic of 9
  5. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="big"><b>4</b></span>&#160;&#160;&#160;The Magic of Counting   The Magic of Counting
  6. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="big"><b>5</b></span>&#160;&#160;&#160;The Magic of Fibonacci Numbers   The Magic of Fibonacci Numbers
  7. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="big"><b>6</b></span>&#160;&#160;&#160;The Magic of Proofs   The Magic of Proofs
  8. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="big"><b>7</b></span>&#160;&#160;&#160;The Magic of Geometry   The Magic of Geometry
  9. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="big"><b>8</b></span>&#160;&#160;&#160;The Magic of &#960;   The Magic of π
  10. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="big"><b>9</b></span>&#160;&#160;&#160;The Magic of Trigonometry   The Magic of Trigonometry
  11. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="big"><b>10</b></span>&#160;&#160;&#160;The Magic of    The Magic of <i xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">i</i> and and <i xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">e</i>
  12. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="big"><b>11</b></span>&#160;&#160;&#160;The Magic of Calculus   The Magic of Calculus
  13. <span xmlns="" xmlns:epub="" class="big"><b>12</b></span>&#160;&#160;&#160;The Magic of Infinity   The Magic of Infinity