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The Linux Command Line

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Sending a Print Job to a Printer

The CUPS printing suite supports two methods of printing historically used on Unix-like systems. One method, called Berkeley or LPD (used in the Berkeley Software Distribution version of Unix), uses the lpr program; the other method, called SysV (from the System V version of Unix), uses the lp program. Both programs do roughly the same thing. Choosing one over the other is a matter of personal taste.

lpr—Print Files (Berkeley Style)

The lpr program can be used to send files to the printer. It may also be used in pipelines, as it accepts standard input. For example, to print the results of our multicolumn directory listing above, we could do this:

[me@linuxbox ˜]$ls /usr/bin | pr −3 | lpr

The report would be sent to ...

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