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Scoping projects

In this chapter I aim to answer the following questions:

1  How do you scope Lean projects?

2  What is an A3 and how do you use them?

3  When is it appropriate to use an A3, project charter or project initiation document?

4  What are the practicalities of scoping projects?

Scoping is the process of answering key questions about your Lean project or Lean event such as:

    •  What do we want to achieve?

    •  How will we measure success?

    •  Who will be involved?

    •  What risks might we need to prepare for?

    •  What is the plan?

    •  What are the timescales?

Scoping is something you may be familiar with as it has been considered best practice in project management for a number of years and appears in the form ...

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