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The iPod & iTunes Pocket Guide, Third Edition

Book Description

Here is your essential companion to the iPod touch, classic, nano, and shuffle, and the iTunes application. The iPod & iTunes Pocket Guide,
Third Edition
, steers you through how to

  • Import songs into iTunes and assemble playlists, listen to podcasts, and burn CDs.

  • Find music, movies, TV shows, videos, and audiobooks on the iTunes.

  • Store and see song and film recommendations, discover podcasts, and send gift certificates.

  • Buy music from the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store and sync songs with your computer.

  • Use your iPod to keep contacts, view events, and store files (as a portable hard drive).

  • Make your iPod even more useful (and awe your friends) with fascinating tips and tricks.

  • Fix common problems and learn what to do if you can’t fix them yourself.