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The IBOC Handbook

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Radio broadcast engineers seeking to design and operate HD Radio(TM) transmission systems will benefit from the detailed exposition of the technology. The book lays out the entire structure of this digital transmission system. System equations are presented in a manner that is useful to those interested in them, while retaining a clear narrative for those who seek a general understanding of how the technology works. The book also presents a summary of the history of the technology and the NRSC-5 standard, as well as forward-looking information on emerging technologies and applications.

- The IBOC Handbook includes numnerous diagrams and explanations of the system protocol stack and transmission systems for digital radio.

- First and only overview of the newly approved NRSC-5 Standard

- This book informs the reader about the interconnected parts of IBOC technology, on paper-- from standards setting to system architecture-- and in hardware-- from audio and data technology to transmission.