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The HR Answer Book, 2nd Edition

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Fully updated advice on hundreds of critical human resources topics!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. 1 Employee Selection: How Do I Find, Attract, and Select the Best?
    1. Finding Your Candidates
    2. Conducting the Interview
    3. Preemployment Testing and Screening
    4. Making the Job Offer
  7. 2 HR Policies: Why Do We Need Them and What Should They Look Like?
    1. The Employee Handbook
  8. 3 Performance Management: How Do I Evaluate Performance and Conduct Meaningful Performance Reviews?
    1. Developing a Performance-Management System
    2. The Performance-Appraisal Process
    3. Conducting the Performance Appraisal
  9. 4 Employee Relations and Retention: How Do I Keep Good Employees and Maintain Working Relationships at All Levels?
    1. Fostering Effective Workplace Communication
    2. Structuring Reward and Recognition Programs
    3. Maintaining Work-Life Balance
    4. Providing Meaningful Career Growth
    5. Resolving Workplace Conflicts
    6. When Employees Leave: Conducting the Exit Interview
  10. 5 Compensation: How Should Employees Be Paid?
    1. Wage and Hour Laws
    2. The Compensation System
    3. Variable Pay: Bonuses and Incentives
  11. 6 Benefits: What Makes a Benefits Package Competitive?
    1. Legally Required Insurance Programs
    2. Benefits That Provide Economic Security
    3. Benefit Days: Holidays,Vacation, and Sick Days
    4. Health Insurance
    5. Employee Assistance Programs
    6. Retirement Benefits
  12. 7 Regulatory Issues: What Are the Major Employment Laws and How Do I Comply with Them?
    1. Laws Prohibiting Discriminatory Practices
    2. The Family and Medical Leave Act
    3. Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1979
    4. Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
  13. 8 When Bad Things Happen to Good Employers: How Do I Handle Volatile Workplace Issues?
    1. Electronic Mail, Internet, and Computer Use
    2. Violence in the Workplace
    3. Substance Abuse in the Workplace
    4. Monitoring Other Workplace Dishonesty
    5. Conducting Employee Investigations
  14. 9 Termination and Discharge: How Do I Fire an Employee Legally and Humanely?
    1. The Termination Process
    2. Post-Termination Compensation and Benefits
    3. Other Post-Termination Matters
  15. 10 Workforce Reorganizations: How Do I Manage Workforce Size in a Changing Business Climate?
    1. Acquisitions and Mergers
    2. Economic Challenges
    3. Planning the Layoff
    4. Implementing the Layoff
    5. Considerations for Remaining Workers
  16. Tools and Templates
  17. Index